When furnishing a new apartment, the householders usually opt to keep it all in one style. Modern interiors require a specific, usually simple design, both in terms of form and colour.

Focus on elegant, minimalist beauty in the living room

Modern style is characterized by minimalism. Such apartments are dominated by uniform, subdued colours, often white and grey or natural shades of light wood. Designers decide to create furniture without unnecessary decorations.

Particular emphasis is placed on the design of the living room, as it is the most representative place in the whole apartment. Most of the guests stay there, as well as family members who want to rest after a whole day's work. Therefore, the living room should be pleasing to the eye, make the whole family want to stay in it and do not feel overwhelmed by the excess of furniture, lack of space or chaos of patterns.

In order to meet the expectations of their customers, designers focus not only on the practical application of a given piece of furniture, but also on its appropriate appearance. Therefore, in order to be fully satisfied with the interior design, it is worth focusing your attention on furniture that is designed with original arrangements in mind.

Designer furniture is often created by enthusiasts and artists, so they can delight and amaze with their forms and colors. They are much more ingenious and bold than traditional home furnishings. That's why anyone who wants the interior to be unique can look around for such projects, resigning from popular design.

Sofa as the center

The most important thing in a modern living room is to relax. Each of us wants to have a comfortable place at home, where we can play board games with friends or watch family TV. No wonder that the sofa is one of the most important furniture in this room.

Depending on the size of the apartment, you can choose from many different versions and sizes, starting with spacious corners and ending with small, folding sofas, which can also serve as a spare bed for visitors. In addition to simple, rectangular models, there are also unusual solutions, such as Tritos Modular, which is an arched sofa, and can also transform into a semi-circle or wavy line, creating interesting, unusual arrangements.

An equally interesting solution is Bouli's design sofa with an asymmetrical look. It has an irregular surface that allows users to take a variety of comfortable positions on it. Its interesting feature is the possibility to choose individualised legs and even hang them. With such a piece of furniture you can feel like in a futuristic film.

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