Raw, slightly minimalist style, natural materials and recycling - this is the kind of climate that has taken over the interior design some time ago and does not seem to change the front. DIY projects from euro-pallets are particularly popular. As it turns out, these inconspicuous materials, which until recently were only present in warehouses, have a huge potential and release the layers of creativity.

Properly processed and painted, they can create organizers, cabinets, tables, chairs, pots, hangers and even... ...beds. A bed made of pallets not only looks good, but can also be very comfortable. Moreover, its creation does not require extraordinary abilities and expensive tools.

How to make a bed with pallets step by step?

Material selection

The best solution is to buy new Euro pallets made of pine wood - for a large double bed and a single frame only six is enough. You will also need pine slats to fill the gaps.

Compacting, sanding and painting

The next step is to sand the pallets with a sanding machine or sandpaper so that they do not have any protruding splinters. Fill gaps with cut to size pine slats and nail the whole thing into a solid, uniform frame. Then we paint it with the chosen paint. Pine wood jars beautifully emphasize the wood stain. You will have to paint twice. Finally, when the paint has dried, we apply wood varnish.

How to make a bed out of pallets

Additional amenities

The frame should always be slightly longer and wider than the mattress. It is also worth to think about an additional palette, which we will nail to the head to create a kind of comfortable, night table. It is also easy to make a headrest of a bed from pallets.

Choosing the right mattress

When the bed frame is ready, all that remains is to choose the right mattress. It should be thick, with solid springs or made of thick foam. If you choose the right mattress, you will not feel that the bed frame is made of hard, raw material. When choosing a mattress for such a bed, the same rules apply as for any other bed - it should provide comfortable rest and adequate support for the spine. The mattress should be smaller than a Euro-pallet bed frame, otherwise it can slide off.

Where does a bed like this fit?

We already know how to make a bed from pallets to make it safe, solid and aesthetically pleasing. It's time to see if this even fits the idea. Even if we interpret luxury in the most avant-garde way, a bed from Euro-pallets will never fit into a glittering room. It will work much better aesthetically in a bedroom decorated in Scandinavian style, hampton or simply in a modern, minimalist room. The pallets are matched by natural materials, as well as colours enclosed in a pallet between black and white. They look great against the background of bare brick or concrete walls.

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