Hotel bed linen is slightly different than the one you buy at home. This can be seen from the very first moments of its use. This is a completely different quality of material. It can be seen in its appearance, touch and durability. Hotel linen is a kind of industrial linen and as such it must have certain characteristics.

The main difference between hotel linen and household linen is in the material used for production. The one used in the production of hotel linen has a higher weight (160g/m2) compared to home linen (125g/m2). Thanks to the fact that the material is of higher quality, it is much more resistant to exploitation. The resulting hotel duvets are not only much more pleasant to the touch, but can also withstand laundry in strong detergents and at high temperatures, which are essential for a thorough cleaning.

Resistance to maintenance

As mentioned above, resistance to maintenance is another distinguishing feature of this type of bedding. Since cleanliness and hygiene in the hotel is particularly important, bed linen must be thoroughly washed and disinfected. The detergents, bleaches and mechanical drying methods used in hotels have a very strong influence on the material. This is why it must be extremely resistant. Household linen wouldn't withstand this kind of treatment.

Appearance of bed linen

Not without significance is also the appearance of hotel linen. White colour is associated with cleanliness, safety and hygiene, and this is usually the case with bed linen used for guests. Such a solution has many advantages. White linen fits virtually any décor, gives the impression of being cleaner and more neat. Possible stains are easier to remove from white textiles because they can simply be washed in bleach. If the bedding were decorated with patterns, they could be washed away and that wouldn't look good. In addition, frequent washing causes decorations to lose their intense color, and this affects the perception of bedding as worn out. To increase the attractiveness of this type of clothing in hotels, at most different types of embroidery and hems are used, and towels are used for elegant borders. Bed linen or towels may be decorated with the hotel logotype.

Due to the fact that hotel bed linen is used by a variety of guests, is washed more often than domestic linen and must be more thoroughly disinfected and cleaned, should be much more durable, resistant to detergents, but at the same time soft, pleasant to the touch and pleasant to sleep in. Comfort and durability are the features that must be combined for hotel guests to be satisfied.

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