Interior decoration in your home is above all a constant striving to meet all your needs and expectations. We are trying to make sure that the place we have created will suit us 100% and give us full satisfaction on a daily basis. There are plenty of different styles and solutions to choose from in your home today.

More and more people are now focusing on minimalism, and it's hardly surprising. This is definitely the best proposal in a situation when we want to avoid excessive chaos or even "clutter" in our home and we value order. In the minimalist style, we focus mainly on simplicity. This applies to all elements of a room - including the shape of the furniture and equipment it contains. For many years, in interior design, the furniture with fancy shapes, full of various decorations, unusual elements and so on enjoyed great recognition. Of course, they have many advantages, but in this style we must eliminate them completely, opting for something much simpler.

The most popular here are "angular" furniture in the shape of rectangles and squares. Furniture fronts should be devoid of any unnecessary decorations - the best are those finished to a high gloss, in which it is impossible to see any distinctive details. It is worth looking for such furniture that will have as few elements as possible. Even cabinets can be without handles, which sometimes interfere with the simplicity we want to achieve in such a room. Of course, we focus on homogeneous construction - all elements of the furniture should be as identical as possible. Avoid any furniture that stands out in any way from the rest with its details.Minimalism in an old tenement house

Another important issue is the colour scheme of the room. Usually we decide to use many colours when decorating our interiors, believing that such a thing enlivens our surroundings and brings a lot of energy to our everyday life. This is true to a large extent, but in the case of minimalist style we decide to do the opposite. It is important to focus on colours that are not too diverse and, above all, subdued - black and white usually dominate here. This is a great proposal especially in smaller rooms, because the use of such colors allows for a significant enlargement of their visual aspect. In addition, such subdued colors bring a lot of taste and elegance to the interior. It is not true that rooms dominated by such colours are cool and unpleasant. In fact, they can be very cozy at the same time.

The quality of the materials used is one of the most important issues to be kept in mind at all times. We should never economise on this, because with such an approach the results obtained will not be very satisfactory for us. When it comes to finishing walls or floors, for example, you can afford to have a little variety and for a moment move away from the constant pursuit of simplicity. A great suggestion is gres porcelain stone or ornamental stone for the wall. Floor tiles should, like furniture, be quite subdued, but that doesn't mean you have to go for something boring - you can afford a little more fancy patterns or shapes. In the minimalist style, glass is very popular. Some elements of the finish prepared from it - such as kitchen worktops or fronts of some furniture - can look very interesting and fit perfectly into the general character of such rooms.

We use completely different equipment in different rooms - the choice of the right equipment, well suited to the minimalist style, is a very important issue here. Take the kitchen, for example, where the choice of equipment is particularly difficult. We have to find such kitchen appliances that will fit into a minimalist style and provide us with high functionality. It is worth matching all such devices to other furniture placed in the kitchen. As far as their appearance and colouring is concerned, we should rather stick to all previous assumptions - the best thing to do is to choose things without too many unnecessary details, finished in white or black. Fortunately, the manufacturers of such equipment understand the needs of today's customers perfectly, so there's no problem in finding appliances in stores that fit well with the requirements of minimalist style.Minimalist kitchen

Is the minimalist style cool and unpleasant, as many people think it is?

In our opinion, no. First of all, it limits any chaos and unnecessary mess in a given room, which so often accompanies interiors finished in more traditional styles. It is a solution designed primarily for people who appreciate the maximum order in everyday life and hate clutter. By deciding on this, we will be able to create a very functional and at the same time filled with the perfect style of the room.

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