Small flats are very demanding in terms of arrangement. Many standard solutions do not work in a small space at all, and the location of household appliances may raise doubts. Where do I put the washing machine? Which model to choose?

Washing machine in a small apartment

If public laundries were as popular and inexpensive in our country as in the United States, probably many people living in small and cramped apartments would give up buying their own washing machine in favour of washing in the city. However, the convenience of having a washing machine and the fact that public laundries are not numerous and often expensive, are issues that make it possible to fit a washing machine even in small flats.

Washing machines for small apartments do not necessarily have to be narrow models that open from above. The washing machines that are charged from the front can also prove themselves if we find a good place for them and reach for the right model.

Where do I put the washing machine?

In most cases, the washing machine is located in the bathroom, but it is not always the best solution.

  • Washing machine in the bathroom - only works if the room has the right size and layout. Bathrooms that are just over 2 or 3 square metres in size are tight and the washing machine can only be installed in this area to make it more difficult to use the room. However, it is often the only option and then it is worth to think about the location of the washing machine, as well as to choose a model with appropriate dimensions.
  • Washing machine in the kitchen - in studios and small apartments, kitchens are not often large, but they are usually larger than bathrooms. If the installation allows it, it is advisable to consider the location of the washing machine in the kitchen or to choose a free-standing model and place it next to the kitchen.
  • Washing machine in utility room - some small apartments have a small living room, but there is a small utility room in which the washing machine can be located. This is a good solution if the installation allows the washing machine to be installed in this location.

Which washing machine to choose?

The offer of washing machines is so wide that it is quite difficult to decide on a specific device. When choosing a washing machine for a small apartment you can consider:

  • Top-loaded washing machines are quite compact, but can be cumbersome in places where we would like to hang something above the washing machine - for example, a shelf, a shelf and similar items.
  • Washing machines charged from the front - contrary to appearances, this is not a bad solution for a small apartment, as long as the layout of the room and its furnishings allow for opening the washing machine from the front and convenient insertion and removal of the laundry. Washing machines of this construction are very comfortable to use and available in the largest number of variants, which are equipped with modern solutions and energy-saving technologies.
  • Shallow front loading washing machines - slim version washing machines also have their supporters and are perfect for small flats. They are shallower than the classic versions, have smaller drums and smaller capacity, but take up much less space in the room.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a washing machine?

Purchasing a washing machine means considering many technical aspects. Once you have decided on a specific design for your washing machine (for example, a full-size washing machine with a door at the front), you can take a closer look at issues such as..:

  • Energy class - the higher the energy class, the more economical the operation of the machine, but also the more expensive the washing machine will be.
  • Maximum load - individual washing machine models may have similar external dimensions, but the design and capacity of the drum may differ, which affects the maximum capacity of the washing machine. Choose a washing machine with the optimum capacity.
  • The maximum centrifuging speed can be 800, 1000, 1200 or even 1400 revolutions. The higher the spin speed, the faster the clothes dry after washing.
  • Programs - individual washing machines are equipped with numerous programs, but each device can have different options in this regard, so it is worth checking whether the program that we care about is in the selected machine or whether it can be set in it manually.
  • The possibility of adjusting the settings to your own preferences - it is important to shorten or extend the washing time, modify the centrifuging speed and make other changes to the proposed programs.
  • Brand - it is worth to reach for the washing machines of leading brands, which are considered to be unreliable and worth recommending. Bosch front loading washing machines are a very popular choice because they combine precision with good performance and low failure rate.
  • Technologies and functions used - some washing machines are equipped with a washing function in almost cold water, others are filled with water in a specific way, some produce numerous bubbles to improve the washing process. There are many possibilities, and each washing machine model has some specific functions and technologies that are worth paying attention to.

Buying a washing machine for a small apartment is a big challenge, but it can be met if you take the time to analyze the available solutions.

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