In the sale we can find nowadays a lot of interesting lamps in lofts style. These are lamps referring to industrial spaces - metal, with wire lampshades, uncovered bulbs. When you want to buy a lamp like this, there's plenty to choose from. Often, however, the question arises as to what kind of bulb to buy for them. We're telling you what to look at!

Industrial lamps have many admirers also in Poland. In recent years in numerous stationary and online stores there have appeared a lot of models of loft lamps, which perfectly fit into such spaces. However, many of them have bulbs, so you may have a dilemma as to which bulb is the best.

LED bulbs

These are currently the most popular light bulbs, which are characterized by very good energy efficiency and durability, because they can shine even for more than 50 thousand hours, while ordinary incandescent bulbs are about 2 thousand hours. They are available in different shapes and shades of light, so you can choose them to suit your interior. If you want to achieve even illumination, think about dairy bulbs, which also look more elegant than transparent bulbs.

It is also worth remembering that lofts often have uncovered places to screw in bulbs, so it is best that the bulb handle is simple and without any unnecessary elements, such as visible inscriptions.

Edison type light bulbs

It's the last hit in the lofty spaces. This type of bulb has a carbon wire inside, which is decoratively wound up, so the bulb itself looks very impressive. They can be purchased in different versions, for example as standard or extended versions. Bulbs of this type are classic bulbs, which means they consume quite a lot of energy and burn out quickly, which is their main minus, but the sale of bulbs more and more often you can meet Edison type bulbs with LEDs.

Compact fluorescent lamps

They can also work well in loft interiors, especially when we are talking about light bulbs in unobalmed shapes, for example with tubes. Such bulbs are also energy efficient and shine for a long time.

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