No kitchen or dining room can do without chairs. This furniture is in these rooms (sometimes connected with each other) simply necessary. He is an inseparable companion of the table, which is the central point of these places. That's why it's worth spending some time on choosing chairs that will provide the right comfort for their users and at the same time match the decor.

Comfort first of all

The convenience of the users is the most important thing here. Sitting at the dinner table, we can't get tired. This is supposed to be a pleasure for us, not an unpleasant necessity. Therefore, regardless of whether you are going to equip your kitchen or dining room, you should first consider the practical factors, and only then the aesthetics. How do I get to it? What should I pay attention to?

The most important thing is definitely the question of fitting the chairs to the table and to the room itself. If you have a small kitchen, stackable or folding chairs may be a better choice. This will save you more space by unfolding this piece of furniture only when you need it. Such chairs can also be used on the balcony... or in other rooms! Here we are already dealing with aesthetic issues, but it is worth remembering that when choosing chairs, it is worth doing it in the context of other rooms. This way, we can easily get chairs from the kitchen to the dining room when our guests - friends or family - show up. There will be plenty of room for sitting, and at the same time we will not be introducing aesthetic dissonance at the same time.

But to come back to practical matters, the most important thing here is to fit the chair to the table. The model must not be either too low or too high. The seat must be at an appropriate level in relation to the top. Otherwise, the use of the table will be inconvenient, because it will either be too tight on the legs or too high on the hands. About 30 centimetres of difference between the top and the seat should be enough. At the same time, you have to consider how many chairs you can get to the table. As a rule, each person should have about 60 centimetres of table space to feel comfortable. So it's not worth pushing the extra chairs to the limit. The issue of armrests is also worth mentioning. It is a very convenient element, but if they are too high, they can cause a problem. The trivial question of whether a chair can be moved up to the table or not shows, however, that it is worth noting. The same applies to the height of the backrest. If it's too low, we won't be able to sit back and rest comfortably in it. For the same reasons it is also worth to notice the seat and upholstery. Too hard will make us tired and painful quickly. Too soft, contrary to appearances, will also not have the best effect on us, especially on the spine. The chair should also provide adequate stability. It is worth noting what it is made of and what is the quality of this workmanship. Whether we choose a set or opt for single copies is in fact a secondary issue.

Appearance is also important

However, if we decide to buy chairs purchased individually, we have to focus on a much larger amount of work. It is not easy to match different models to each other in order to make them look good, and yet aesthetics is also important. Choosing the set will save us time. Many shops also offer discounts for larger numbers of copies, so you can also save money.

It is worth remembering that although the chairs are the easiest to match in style to the arrangement of the apartment, it is possible to use contrast here. To make sure it doesn't look too kitschy, however, you need to show good taste and have some experience when it comes to interior design. Asking a specialist for help will certainly not be a bad idea. There are, of course, some combinations that work in almost every case - for example, white and black. The dining room or kitchen should be designed consistently in this contrasting style. Restricting yourself to a table and chairs may not make them fit in well with the rest of the room.

If you choose your dream chair yourself, you can make sure that you don't just remember about colour, shape and form. These issues are the easiest to see, but what matters is also the material the furniture is made of. Wood fits basically everything, but chairs decorated, thick, will not work in a kitchen or dining room arranged in the Norwegian style. They'll be better off in a retro and vintage apartment. It will be difficult to fit plastic, plastic or metal chairs to such chairs. As you can see, the choice of chairs for the kitchen or dining room is not as trivial as it might seem.

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