Kitchen is the heart of every home for most people. Well designed, it should be functional first of all. If you are planning to arrange it, talk to the designer about your preferences. Remember that your comfort during cooking and moving around the kitchen will depend on the final result. There's no room for improvisation here.

Kitchen arrangement is one of the biggest challenges accompanying the furnishing of your own flat or house. It is a place where you spend a lot of time, whether preparing meals, eating them or just gossiping with friends over coffee. It's good when the kitchen is tailored to individual needs. Some people cook, others eat outside the house. Each of us is different, so it is good to choose a functional kitchen layout that will be fully adapted to individual needs. Here are a few tips on how to arrange your kitchen space.

How do I use the kitchen?

The question posed above is good to ask yourself before starting the project, because the answer will be the key to the further design process. If you do not move from the kitchen in a practical way and cooked is your passion, focus on functionality. It is also worth noting the selection of suitable materials due to their durability during use. You dream of a wooden countertop, but you cook a lot? Wood looks beautiful, but can be severely damaged after prolonged use. You may want to consider a worktop made of other materials, such as steel or granite.
Cooking enthusiasts must be aware that cooking can be accompanied by intense smells. It is worth remembering this when facing the choice of a closed or open kitchen. Limited space may also stand in the way. So if you're annoyed by the smell of food or you prefer to avoid a claustrophobic kitchen that is too small, think about the final choice by considering the pros and cons. Open kitchens are nowadays the domain of modern design, but in this case do not follow fashion but your own comfort.
The selection of suitable household appliances and their location is also very important. During the design stage, it is good to consider whether it is better to build such equipment. Freestanding household appliances take up quite a lot of space, which can result in cluttering up the kitchen space in a small space.

Working space

Each kitchen is clustered around three zones: a work area for preparing food, a sink and a fridge. It's best if they're not too far apart. In order for the kitchen space to work smoothly, the location of the dishwasher and the waste bin should also be considered. The ingenious storage system in cabinets - cabinets with cargo baskets, i.e. with internal binders, or ceiling cabinets, for example, which make maximum use of space, can also translate into effective work in the kitchen. Having a spacious kitchen is a dream of many hostesses, therefore each saved centimetre can be a weight of gold.

The kitchen of dreams, i.e. the clash with reality

The idea of an ideal kitchen should be well consulted with the designer. It may turn out that not all ideas can be put into practice. The most unexpected issues, such as the location of a sink or the implementation of a kitchen-island concept, may turn out to be problematic. Colloquially speaking, not everything can be skipped. Using the services of design companies you can take for granted professional advice, assistance in designing furniture, arrangement of electrical sockets and equipment.

Decorative elements

Every kitchen can also be enlivened with extras. You can find a whole lot of inspiration on the web. Decorative jars filled with groceries or spices, wine racks, exposed kitchen utensils are presented in an interesting way. Decorative household appliances, referring to vintage style, such as coffee makers, kitchen scales or freestanding fridges with rounded sides, are also becoming more and more popular. Such elements will certainly diversify the kitchen of your dreams.
Having an unlimited budget for kitchen management will certainly contribute to meeting all our whims. Nevertheless, it is good to remember to follow the designer's suggestions and sometimes make some concessions in terms of kitchen equipment. In this case, it is worth listening to more experienced advice from each other.

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