Wallpaper is not only talked about as a convenient interior design solution, but also as a decorative element that is still in fashion. It turns out that depending on the design we decide on, we can obtain arrangements that differ significantly from each other. So there's nothing to stop you from choosing wallpapers for both rustic and avant-garde environments. What's more, wallpapers don't have to decorate every wall in the room at all. They can be easily placed on only one of them, or even only on a part of the wall. The way in which it is used depends solely on us. So it's time to look at the most popular patterns.

In the world of smooth and structured wallpaper

When searching for fashionable wallpaper designs, one cannot ignore the fact that today's sales are dominated by clarity. Therefore, it focuses primarily on geometric and graphic wallpapers, which are not only eye-catching, but also convince us by their very presence that they are not accidental solutions. What is important, you can also count on their typical ability to create a warm climate in every interior. The choice of a specific solution is worth depending on which style we like the most. If it's a retro style, we have a choice of exceptionally stylish flower wallpapers, which blend in perfectly with the richly decorated furniture. If we are a little more courageous, we will certainly also like wallpapers imitating building materials, such as stone and brick, although there are also animal motifs in fashion - so universal that they should also appeal to enthusiasts of modern interiors.

If we combine specific shades in an appropriate way, we may be able to achieve a so-called 3D effect on the wallpaper. A fashionable solution are also structural wallpapers, which appeared some time ago in avant-garde interiors. The impression of spatiality of the wallpaper can be deepened, because solutions that are characterized by real convexities are fashionable. One of such examples can be for example wallpaper, which imitates bark of a tree.

When choosing a particular wallpaper, it is advisable to pay attention to the material of which it is made, because in some rooms it has a decisive impact on its durability. A good example can be the kitchen and children's room, because they are certainly not places where paper wallpapers with low resistance to moisture will work. So if you are looking for wallpapers for rooms where contact with water will not be rare, it is good to think about glass fibre and vinyl.

wallpaper in the child's room

Photo Wall Murals and their characteristics

Photo wallpapers attract attention mainly because we deal with a solution not only modern, but also versatile. Not so long ago, they appeared mainly in kitchens and bedrooms, but nowadays, wallpapers can also be found in bathrooms and living rooms. When looking for the cheapest solutions, it is best to start with a wallpaper made of paper, but remember that it is susceptible to both moisture and abrasion. Slightly different properties characterize the latex wall mural. This is a solution that can be gently cleaned with a slightly dampened toothbrush, as it is much thicker than its paper counterpart. Also the photos themselves look great on it, because they are not only vivid, but also realistic. It works well both in the bedroom and in the living room.

If you are looking for a wallpaper with a high quality printout, resistant not only to moisture but also to fat, it is worthwhile to take a look at a vinyl wallpaper. Another solution with interesting possibilities is a wallpaper made of natural canvas, the wall looks like a typical oil painting. When choosing a wallpaper pattern, both our taste and the character of the room where this type of solution is to be found should be of key importance. For example, cooking motifs such as fruit and vegetables are fashionable in the kitchen, but the nature represented by flowers and leaves is also very popular. Where we are dealing with modern, minimalist interiors, panoramas of cities will be a good idea. Another solution that arouses interest among a growing group of customers are wall murals that depict tiles and bricks. The bathroom, on the other hand, is a place where landscapes, flora and water models, as well as flora and fauna, work well. In the bedroom you can opt for enlarged family photographs, although a relaxed nature is always a good idea.

Both the choice of designs and types of wallpapers is very wide, matching them to your needs is not a big challenge. But don't forget that even the most beautiful wallpaper will cease to amaze at the same time when bulges or damage caused by moisture appear on it. Price is an important criterion, but also careful workmanship is a factor that must be taken into account when choosing a wallpaper.

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