Brick is the natural building material of every house. In interior design it is used in the form of clinker, styling and painting. It is impressive and eye-catching, often becoming the main decorative motif in interiors.

Brick is associated with raw, resistant and unpleasant material. However, its proper arrangement can be a hit and make our interior look beautiful and original. There are many possibilities to choose from, e.g. we can use the apartment for a creative and modern studio or decorate it in a rustic style.

Natural climate

When deciding on the use of bricks in the arrangement of the whole house or a selected interior, we need to plan exactly what kind of material we are interested in and in what quantities we want to use it. If you live in an old tenement house, you can try to expose the brick under the plaster layer, so that without unnecessary variations we get a real, natural brick. However, it is worthwhile to protect it, as well as the adjacent walls, with appropriate preparations so that it does not crumble, dust and moisture. If the condition of the apartment does not give us this possibility, then we can buy natural brick, for example, from the demolition of old buildings. You can buy it cut into slices with which walls are glued. It is worth deciding to decorate one or two walls with it - vertically, like a wallpaper strip or, for example, diagonally.

An interesting combination is the combination of natural brick with smooth raw materials such as wood, glass or metal. The harmony of materials will make the interior climate less difficult, and will gain lightness and finesse. It fits into industrial and modern style apartments, so we can change our four corners into a romantic loft.


A range of inspirations

We have a choice of clinker bricks in many shades and patterns. Among the most effective are white and grey, used most often in the kitchen. However, you should be careful about contact with water and impregnate it properly. Brick is not recommended for bathrooms, because of the high humidity in these rooms.

In kitchens, brick perfectly fills the free space above the worktop. It can also be used as a wall decoration in the place where the table stands. An interesting way to do this is to cover the kitchen island with brick. All these ideas will allow us to accentuate specific spaces and separate them from each other. However, it is worth noting the texture of the brick used - in kitchens, the best solution is to use smooth ones, because the easiest way to keep them clean.

If the apartment is dominated by a distinctive clinker, then we must resign from unnecessary and overwhelming decoration. However, if the bricks are smooth and in a balanced color, they can be an ideal background for designer accessories and furniture. Brick is a good solution when it takes up space at the head of the bed in the bedroom. Then the best thing to do is to use a bright material that does not optically reduce the room and radiate it.

Important accessory - lighting

In interior design it is very important to have adequate lighting, which we often forget about. And it's the light that can enhance the visual effect or make our dream project not look like we thought it would. Elements lined with bricks should be well lit - not only by lamps, but also by daylight. An interesting texture and very often the multicolour of bricks will be accentuated by appropriate lighting. It is worth choosing small LED lamps mounted at the ceiling or in the wall covered with brick. Thanks to this, we can achieve a warm and cosy character of the room.

Brick gives many decorative options. It is not only located outside the building - on the façade or in the garden. Brick creates an amazing interior, but not to abuse it indoors, it is worth remembering to choose the right materials, colors and accessories.

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