If we think that our living room needs refreshing, we do not have to start a thorough renovation right away. Sometimes a seemingly small but noticeable accent is enough to completely change our apartment. How to achieve this? It is enough to reach for a modern solution, which are posters for the living room - a decoration that can completely change the styling of the interior and give it an individual character.

Modern posters are a convenient, quick and, in comparison to a renovation of a room, much cheaper. The poster is also a universal decoration that fits almost any interior - and any style.

The power of posters results from their versatility. Many of us, however, associate them with bent illustrations, which were found in various newspapers years ago and which were later hanging on the walls of our rooms. A poster for the living room is a completely different matter! We choose the pattern, we decide on the colours. Such a poster looks equally good in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. And the choice is stunning - we can choose vintage, retro, motivational poster, landscape, map... All this in an elegant, eye-catching convention.

poster in the living room

Vintage-style posters in your living room

If we decided to decorate our living room in vintage style, we can successfully complement it with posters. Vintage is a free combination of the past and modernity - we can confidently use accents from different eras in such a salon, but the whole thing should not be too saturated with them - the balance is important. Vintage allows us to subtly combine opposites, while at the same time creating in the room a certain nostalgia for the past.

Which posters to choose for the living room, if you want a note of abstraction?

For those who like the atmosphere of surrealism, we recommend less conservative posters - abstraction is welcome if only we adjust it to the room. You can choose from colorful stripes, optical illusions, colorful geometric figures or chaotic spots. Such posters for the living room will find their place both above the sofa and in other well exposed places of the room. Remember that lighting is very important here. The brightly coloured room is an ideal place for abstract posters. Functional abstraction is a very graceful compositional theme, but it is not recommended for salons that are maintained in retro style - it may cause too much stylistic contrast.

vintage poster

Posters to the retro-style living room

The retro style, unlike vintage, focuses on one particular epoch. There is no mix of styles or references to modernity. When furnishing a living room in a retro style, we want it to be as close as possible to the appearance of a room from a specific era. Fortunately, thanks to the rich offer of manufacturers we will not have any difficulty in finding posters that will fit the period selected by us.

For example, for the style of the 60s and 70s the best will be the old advertising posters and pin-up girls. If, in turn, we want our salon to be retro in the style of the nineties (but also distant times), we can choose a poster with the protagonist of the popular game - Mario figurine, and also put some elements that will remind us of those times - for example, the old console Nintendo.

If you don't have an idea for a retro arrangement despite our tips or if you want to get more inspiration, take a look here. And remember that when it comes to decoration we are limited only by our own imagination!

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