The living room is the heart of the house. It is a place where life is vibrant, where we meet most often with other members of our family, it is a place where we invite our guests. That is why the skillful arrangement of its space is so important. One of the most important equipment elements of our living room is, of course, a properly selected folding table. It should not only fit perfectly into a room arrangement, but should also be practical and functional. What parameters should I pay special attention to when choosing the right folding table?

Folding table in the living room

The living room, which very often serves as a living room, is primarily a meeting place for both family and friends. In this type of rooms, of course, the best solution is to use folding tables, which can always accommodate more people, depending on the needs or circumstances. It is not only the owners of small rooms who decide on the folding table. This solution is also perfect for large salons - it does not take up too much space on a daily basis, and if necessary, can be used during a larger event or family celebration.

Wooden folding table

The dominating trend in interior design at present is mainly minimalism. Contemporary interior designers also like to refer to elements of nature. Therefore, the ideal solution is of course the classic wooden folding table, which fits in perfectly with the current fashion. This will ensure the effect of simplicity, purity and modesty, while introducing into the interior an unusually warm and cozy atmosphere. The wooden folding table will work perfectly well not only in the salons decorated in a traditional style, but also those decorated more modernly.

white folding table

White folding table

For fans of the Scandinavian style, which is currently very popular in modern interior design, a white folding table is also a perfect solution. This versatile shade will work well in almost any room, adding class and elegance to it. It is worth remembering, however, that in the case of this solution, much more attention should be paid to the issues related to cleaning.

Folding table - round, square or rectangular?

An important parameter in choosing the right table for our living room or living room is, of course, its shape. Square or rectangular folding tables are easy to find in both large and small rooms. In the case of a small number of household members, such tables can be placed in a corner or against a wall on a daily basis. If necessary, they can always be pulled out and spread out in the middle of the room for more people. Such furniture does not take up much space and can be easily integrated into an existing arrangement.

An interesting solution may also be a round table - it is a little less functional, but it is certainly characterized by an incredible visual effect. Such a table also needs more space - it can be placed only in the central part of the room. An unquestionable advantage of a round table is certainly the ability to talk freely and to maintain eye contact with all guests sitting next to it.

On the market there are tables equipped with various unfolding mechanisms. You can opt for the simplest models, i.e. tables that can be folded like a book. In the case of this type of solutions, the top of the furniture consists of two equal-sized parts. All you have to do is move them aside and lift them up. There are also models available with additional overlays and feet, which are very helpful if the table top that we are pulling out becomes very long.

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