The modern colours on the wall show Scandinavian simplicity. It is in the cold North that we will look for the freshest inspirations. However, this is not the only right direction in the arrangement.

When painting a flat we often have to use optical tricks - lighten or dim, introduce light, create atmospheric or office twilight. Using the right colour of paint, reduce or enlarge the room, eliminate architectural defects, move the ceiling away or zoom in. However, this is not the only criterion we should follow when choosing the shades of paint. What colors on the walls? What kind of palette is this? When painting your home in 2016, it is worth suggesting the latest trends and designers' hints, such as the Colour Futures 2016. Here you will find inspirations, colours and shades used in popular "Pinterest" arrangements, from which it is so difficult for us to take our eyes off.

Greys don't go out of use at all. Ba! They're triumphing indoors.

Painting the house - what colors to choose?

Such a question only seems to imply a comprehensive answer. The key is one - room paints are designed to reflect our needs and lifestyle. Do we value fashionable vintage or futuristic aspirations? It doesn't matter! The colours included in the Trends 2016 ranking will allow us to find the golden mean.

Modern wall colours? The main assumption of current decorating preferences is to draw on the best colour traditions of the analogue world and combine them with the tones associated with the digital world. Colors on the walls in practice? Modern interiors are kept in the spirit of simplicity and minimalism. Subdued colors contrast with expressive additions that give the interior an individual, original touch. The personification of this fascination is - more and more often imitated in Poland - the Scandinavian style. Against the background of simple white and grey, we successfully expose unusual furniture or graphic forms, slogans (words and pictures, their influence on the character of contemporary interiors, is one of the most important pillars of Trends 2016).

Modern interiors are the result of a combination of natural materials, good quality textures and cool colours.

The colours of the walls are important

Experts advise with a unanimous choir: treat the house as a whole. It is true that the colour of the walls should be adjusted to the character of the interior in which we put them. A policy of hard contrasts will not lead us to the right place.

The colors should be consistent. It is good to operate on one pallet, changing only shades and tones. Moving around the Scandinavian whites, pastels and greys, we will create the right atmosphere for learning, playing, relaxing and working. In the central part of the house, which is the living room, slightly darker shades will work (or the white living room can be broken using gray paint). The colour palette is very large.

The saturated grey will remind us of the first storm this spring. That's the color we like!

Room paints in the rest area? The bedroom is a place for delicate pastels, soothing, bringing relief after a hard day in the office. They will work perfectly with natural fabrics, such as linen bedspreads or day cushions. They do not look bad when confronted with a rugged, cast-iron bed frame carrying a breeze of vintage.

In a modern house there will also be a place for natural wood. Warm, pleasant to the touch, it will work perfectly with the white fronts of kitchen cabinets. Greyscale walls, white cabinets, wooden worktops and floors are the essence of the Scandinavian style. A little eye-catching greenery, herbs in pots and... we're home! Our perfect home.

Walls in delicate shades of white and grey, white fronts of cabinets? We're at a yes!

Room paints - the best paints

There is no doubt that the type of paint used must be adapted to the room in which it is applied. This applies not only to the color, but also to the application properties. How a paint works in everyday use. When painting a house, we should predict the intensity with which we will use the room, adjusting the room paint to this. If we own a dog who, after an autumn walk, loves to dry hair (on the wall in the hallway!), we should use a paint with high durability, resistant to abrasion and moisture, such that the dirt we remove with one wave of wet cloth. The room of a few years old, but also the living room (after all, this is the room that we use most intensively) must be resistant to a wide range of dirt, from greasy fingerprints to spilled wine.

The key is the right color combination.

Wide colour palette of paints - test before you paint

After many difficult decisions and compromises, we found our own colour, ideal colour, ideal shade. We would like to transfer it to the living room immediately, buy some cans of room paint and start painting the house. However, it is worth stopping the horses, though for a moment, a day or two. It is important to convince yourself whether the chosen colour, so beautifully presented in the catalogue, almost eye catching, will look good on our wall. Shade should be confronted with bright, warm daylight and artificial light. The purchase of a tester will allow us to reduce uncertainty to a minimum. A small, costing only a few gold packs of paint, equipped with a convenient to use brush, will show us how the chosen color will look like in the selected room. This is particularly important when following the trend of modern wall colours, we intend to combine Scandinavian white with Scandinavian grey. Any colour combinations should be micro-checked before moving to the target walls.

Trends set by manufacturers and designers are a kind of hint which tones and colours are worthy of attention. Thanks to them we can focus on beautiful arrangements, to which we can easily find accessories. This year, Scandinavian greyness and immortal vintage reign supreme.

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