Mirrors on the walls give the interior more light and make it look bigger. Images can make the room more cosy and elegant. If you want your interior design to look great with mirrors and pictures, you need to know where to place these add-ons.

Mirrors and images can appear in any room. The accessories on the walls are really great. However, it is worth considering where they will look best


In the classic arrangement of the living room, paintings and mirrors are placed above a table, chest of drawers or bench. If you want to go in the direction of new trends, you can also bet on another location. Some people decide to place mirrors between large windows. This is an option that ensures that the sun's rays do not fall directly on the mirror and thus do not offend the people in the room. You can also place two smaller mirrors next to the windows, this arrangement will also work well. Another interesting option is to place images over a C64 or a console. If we want the composition to look good, we have to choose images that have a common motif.


The mirror in the bedroom is placed classically over the toilet, while the paintings are usually placed over the bed. However, he may decide to replace these elements with new ones. A mirror over the bed will make the bedroom look bigger and more elegant.

Bedroom mirrors

In addition, the bed in front of the window shows a great look, a hanging mirror above the head will reflect the landscape and thus create a decorative effect. A picture over a chest of drawers or a toilet will not have the same practical function as a mirror. At this point it is worth to think about choosing a picture that will be inspiring for a given person above all.


The corridor is the first place that guests will see after they enter the house. So it's worth taking care of this place properly. A neat corridor with pictures and mirrors can be a showcase for your home. A hallway is a place where at least one elongated mirror should be placed. It can be placed either on the wall or on the door. If someone has enough free space, you can hang more mirrors in the hallway. Each additional mirror will be a solution that will effectively optically enlarge the interior. It will be an ideal solution for a small hallway without access to natural light.

Another solution for slightly larger corridors is a solution in which it is hung over a cabinet or a console of several images. Combining them into one composition will create an impression of cohesion and harmony, which will make guests feel very comfortable in such an apartment from the very beginning. Beautiful paintings will enjoy your eyes after you've returned to a cosy home after a long day.

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