Our tools will require very careful maintenance, sharpening and care. But you can't regret your time. Unless you want to buy new tools for each task. Every tool requires care.

Even the removal of resin, glue and other impurities will be a care treatment. It is unlikely that we use water for steel cleaning tools, as this will cause rust to appear. It is best to choose special tool cleaners such as WD-40;. With such a tool we can clean practically every steel element without any problems. Especially prepared pliers can be cleaned dry or with a wire brush.

Effective tool care

The files should be cleaned of chips with a wire brush, with parallel movements to the teeth system. You can use a spike to clean the file, but it must be made of soft metal such as brass or copper. It is not possible to clean by hitting another object, because it can destroy teeth or even break them.

As far as hammers are concerned, they must be thoroughly cleaned. That way, we can protect ourselves from rust on our footwear. If the hammer has become wet during operation, you will need to protect it with oil or grease.

Storage of tools

The storage of tools is also an important issue. Organize a place that is dry, because the moisture in each tool won't serve any purpose. Among other things, they can be kept in a closet so that they can be shared, and so that it is easier to find one's place among them. There will also be no risk of us accidentally cutting ourselves. If we don't have that much space, we'll have to look for other solutions. It is possible to use, among other things, covers or overlays that hide those elements that are dangerous.

Maintenance of household tools

They are ready to use thanks to it, they are not separated from each other, but there should be no problems to be found in them. Hand saw blinds are made by yourself, it is not a big problem, either a certain number of slats or a textile solution. The files can also be protected with plastic or rubber tubes.

Manual planers are stored with a knife inserted into the frame of the planer. All metal parts should be protected against longer storage and a mild dry cleaning preservative, which in some cases may even be necessary, will work well here. That way, we won't have greasy stains on the wood.

Most tools with steel blades will wear out. After some time, sharpen them intensively and then secure the blade with grease or oil to protect it from rust. A tool that is used for woodworking, or that comes into contact with the object being worked on, should not have a large layer to preserve, as traces can be left on the wood and it will look bad.

Inspection of tools

When performing a tool inspection, it is necessary to check whether the handles are not loose. This is important because if the handle slips suddenly during the work, you can be injured. Loose handles will have to be secured by using a special steel customer or a repair kit, which has everything that will make it possible to restore the tool to such a state that it can be used again without any major problems. If we take care of the tool, they will be able to repay us with the appropriate technical condition. Thanks to this, long years will be a chance to use them.

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