Fashion for two-level apartments or smaller or larger single-family houses or in the segment makes it necessary for more and more people to install stairs dedicated to interiors. They allow you to combine different levels, and in addition to an extremely important ergonomic function, they increasingly emphasize the unique character of interiors - traditional, modern or designer, becoming an eye-catching design element.

Match the stairs to the floor

Regardless of the chosen interior design, we should always strive for some kind of consequences. Other materials will use a minimalist interior staircase, and the decision on other combinations can be expected in traditional solutions. The most important parameter, however, should be the adjustment of the stairs to the floor, because in a way they are a natural extension of the floor. On the other hand, the floor is a continuation of the stairs and this common denominator is achieved primarily by maintaining the same or similar colour scheme. This consequence makes every level of the apartment feel like a uniform style. The stairs should also fit into the window and door joinery, but this is no longer such an important argument.

The invisible border

Interior designers recommend that stairs should be selected in such a way that they form a single line. In addition to the color similarity, we should also pay attention to the texture of the material. This is particularly important in classic interiors, when even the very type of material makes it possible for us to maintain consistency and create one coherent surface with noble wood as the main motif. It is worth taking care to properly illuminate the space above the stairs, and thus not only affect safety, but also emphasize their unique classic character.

Modern elections

More and more often we decorate our interiors in a minimalist style. Simple forms, bright colours, spotlights and the combination of different materials are all intended to create a lightweight design. Metal and glass stairs are perfect for such apartments. Almost any colour or floor type can also be used for this type of combination. Lightweight structures also do not overload the whole arrangement and are one of the most important elements creating the interior and sometimes even impose a choice of other elements such as furniture, lamps or accessories.

Stairs in the interior is an extremely important decorative element, but it should be remembered that in addition to shaping the style of the apartment, this architectural element must be above all perfectly finished to ensure safety and comfort. Therefore, the quality of the products and their adaptation to the needs of the residents should not be spared, as it is one of the elements that often remain unchanged in the apartment. That is why most people choose a combination of wood and metal construction, which fit into almost every arrangement, and the lightness of the models with clearances allows you to bring a lot of light into the interior.

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