The first associations with the slogan "modern living room" can be very different. Many of us, however, still have the idea of white or black furniture in high gloss and a large amount of glass and metal. It is good that the reality is much more diverse...

Modern living room - minimalist does not mean lack of cosiness at all

Minimalism blows cold - it's probably a mistake that many of us (at least from time to time) make. Because although the character of the furniture in the living room in a modern style definitely puts on simplicity, nothing stands in the way of creating a cozy atmosphere in it. Characterized by simplicity, the décor can also be extremely elegant, though of course without overloading, in an unobtrusive way.

This undoubtedly has many advantages. First of all, it will be difficult for us to get tired of it or to get bored. And even if it does happen by some miracle, it's usually just enough to refresh it with a few extras. Because although the modern living room is not afraid of colors, dominates here, however, calm and subdued colors. The more lively one appears rather in the form of contrasting accents and accessories that enliven the interior. You will certainly not find here any rich ornamentation or other decorative ornamentation. Often you can count on sophisticated play with textures and patterns. Within the limits of common sense, of course...

Living room décor in a modern style - take care of the appropriate colors
Whiteness is very often and willingly used here. Both in terms of the colours of the walls and the furniture. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for practical reasons. It has been known for a long time that the bright colours of the decor not only brighten up but also optically enlarge the interior. And given that most of us unfortunately cannot boast the impressive size of our living room, it would be difficult to ignore this advantage of white.

Forget about shouting - focus on interesting design elements

The modern living room is dominated by economy. Both in terms of colour and the number of furniture that make up the entire interior design. However, this does not mean that there is no room for eye-catching design elements. They simply appear in a very limited number. And you need to know that there are a lot of options here. Think carefully, however, about their choice. In the case of furniture or accessories characterized by original aesthetics, it may turn out, unfortunately, that they excessively impose their character of the entire interior design. It is therefore worthwhile for them to fit in well with the concept of interior design and not to be bought under the influence of a sudden impulse.

How about a few round mirrors hanging on the wall behind a sofa instead of a traditional painting or family photography? Elegant coffee table with marble table top? A table lamp or floor lamp with a slightly surprising base form? Or maybe an armchair in a modern shape or one upholstered with a colourful fabric in a clear pattern? You have to admit that such accents are difficult to pass by indifferently, and yet from the perspective of the whole interior design it is difficult to accuse them of excessive shouting, right?

This effect can also be achieved with original materials. Because although timeless wood is invariably welcome in modern living rooms, often there is also a place for something much less typical and traditional. Concrete has been very popular for some time now. Not only in the context of wall finishing, but also in the context of furniture. Although in the latter, not real concrete, but stylized concrete is used most often, laminates resembling it are deceptively used. Natural or not, it is certainly one of the relatively simple solutions that will allow you to create an interior design with a modern, elegant and at the same time casual character.

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