Apparently, the devil is in the details, and we have many of them in the furniture of our homes. From knobs, handles and hinges to feet, wheels and connecting elements. Small does not mean at all that it is less important. It is these small details that give the interior its character. Unfortunately, they can also definitely spoil all the effort put into its arrangement.

More and more carefully designed elements of furniture accessories are appearing on the market, which in the past - underestimated and treated like a mess - did not leave us much choice because of their small variety. Today we can choose from many types of hinges, knobs, handles, guides, and even dish dryers and other kinds of organizers of wardrobes. Each of these elements, appropriately selected, can play a significant role in the styling of the interior.

Capture the climate

Interesting and aesthetic, though small in form, elements such as knobs, handles or handles can give a unique character to the whole interior. For simple Scandinavian style furniture we can install stylish porcelain knobs, which decorate in the form of floral motifs will change their character.

The knobs can also be an element that will contrast with the style of the interior and accessories. If you have a room decorated in one dominant color, you should think about handles for furniture, which will be contrasting and will become a clear distinguishing feature of the whole interior.

Furniture lighting - and everything is bright

Delicate lighting installed in furniture luminaires (e.g. in the form of LED tapes) is a very grateful addition. Not only does it illuminate the interior, but it also creates an unusual atmosphere, which is particularly useful in the case of bedrooms.

Furniture luminaires mounted under kitchen cabinets or in the interiors of shop windows perfectly expose the set objects. They also provide subtle side illumination. Their main advantage, however, is the functional lighting of the room. Located above the kitchen worktop, they provide enough light to prepare meals for you and your family.

Get organized!

Cargo baskets, dryers, hangers and drawer systems are a simple and effective way to organize furniture space and organize its contents.

By introducing drawer and cabinet inserts into your kitchen, you can effectively control the disorder that so much likes to create in the space of culinary struggles. Don't forget about the dryers for dishes, which don't have to be hidden in a cupboard over the sink. These free-standing, interestingly shaped ones will look surprisingly good next to the sink.

Cargo baskets hidden inside cabinets are also very practical. This is an ideal solution especially for deep models and those with unusual sizes (e.g. very narrow ones). Hangers, in turn, make the necessary textiles are always at hand. Simply put, good furniture is practical furniture.

It's simple: Put it on its feet.

What to support a new table or bookcase on is no longer just a matter of chance and a complete resignation from the designer's fantasy. Now we can choose from a wide range of legs, legs and feet. From simple wooden to fancifully bent, chrome-plated, shiny and matt. Interestingly constructed legs are not only a solid basis for the whole construction of the furniture, but also give it an individual character.

By adding small elements of furniture accessories to the interior, we can create a completely new space. The strong colour of the knobs and handles refreshes the look of the furniture. Stylish door hangers attract the attention of guests with their design right from the doorstep. On the other hand, hidden baskets and organizers allow to control the disorderly space by removing unnecessary objects from the view. They're worth a closer look.

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