The Scandinavian style is one that does not seem to be affected by the passage of time, as it still enjoys the same high popularity. Most often guests are in bedrooms and living rooms, which makes them much nicer than before.

However, as we are dealing with a style that is becoming increasingly popular, we should not be surprised that we are dealing with it more and more often in the children's room as well. It works perfectly well especially in a student's room, providing him/her with ideal conditions not only for work, but also for rest.

Scandinavian style - characteristics

What characterizes the Scandinavian style is above all simplicity, but also its love for ecology and universality. Currently, we can talk about two trends that can be distinguished within its framework. The first one involves combining wood with furniture in the so-called shabby chic style or with folk motifs. The second refers to modern and minimalist interiors, so it is characterized by futuristic shapes and industrial style accessories. Both styles differ quite significantly, but still their common feature is not only functionality, but also the love of light and space.

Scandinavian-style room

Scandinavian-style furniture for the student's room

So if you invest in Scandinavian furniture for a student's room, you will quickly find that it is not only simple in its form, but also kept in appropriate colors, free from exaggerated decorative elements. Of course, there are also some slightly rounded models, which refer to the recently fashionable organic style. Their colors refer to the shades characteristic for wood in its natural form, but still fashionable are also wooden furniture painted with white paint. If we are dealing with upholstered furniture, we strive to avoid patterns, which makes the price of upholstered furniture mainly include single-coloured fabrics. In the student's room there should be at least a large bed made of wood, a desk with a chair, and a wardrobe for clothes. An interesting solution is also a soft, upholstered armchair.

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