Bed linen made of cotton satin is one of the most popular types of bed linen nowadays. It is characterized by pleasant to the touch smoothness, delicate shine and comfort associated with adequate air permeability. Once, due to its limited availability, satin bedding was considered a luxury bedding. Today it is much easier to buy it, and the relatively low prices make it possible for practically everyone to afford a bit of comfort and elegance in the bedroom. What should we know about satin bedding before buying it?

Satin weave - characteristics of satin linen

The basic feature distinguishing satin bed linen from other types of bed linen is the weave of the fabric. It is the so-called satin weave, which is classified as diagonal, one-sided - on one side of the fabric there is satin weave, and on the other side there is satin weave.

Satin weave is characterized by at least 5 warp threads and loose weft threads running over them, where the weft points are scattered in a specific order and not very visible, making the fabric look smooth and shiny. In a satin weave, the warp covers the weft at the interlacing points, while the rest of the weft is covered by loosely placed weft threads.

The shine level of satin materials depends on the type of threads used to create the fabric - the more shiny the threads, the greater the gloss of the fabric itself. The most commonly used threads are made of silk or merchant cotton. Silk fibers are much more expensive than cotton ones, silk sets are very expensive and difficult to access, so in shops we can usually find bedding made of cotton satin.

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Types of satin bedding

Satin bed linen, in addition to exceptional gloss and smoothness also provides adequate comfort of sleep, depending on the type of bed is ideal for use during different seasons of the year. Due to the type of threads used to create the material we can distinguish 3 main types of satin bedding:

  1. satin bed linen of silk or silk and cotton yarns
  2. satin bed linen of cotton threads of natural origin
  3. satin bed linen of synthetic cotton threads (polyester)

Each of these types of bed linen has slightly different heat insulation properties, they also differ in the level of shine and the quality of the material.

Satin linen made of synthetic fibres (polyester) is the cheapest and at the same time the weakest quality type of linen with satin weave. It is characterized by a high gloss, the material is lightweight and does not require ironing. This type of bed linen is really the lowest shelf in terms of quality, synthetic materials do not provide adequate sweat absorption and air permeability, so if you want to feel comfortable it is better to opt for natural materials.

Satin linen made of natural cotton fibres is the most universal - it will work well both during the colder months and will provide appropriate comfort in summer. It is characterized by a matt touch and all the advantages of natural cotton - good air permeability, softness and nice touch. In winter it effectively keeps you warm, in summer it provides comfort, pleasant, cool touch and absorbs sweat well.

Silk fibre satin bed linen is much more exclusive type of bed linen - such linen is much more shiny, has a beautiful sheen and velvet softness. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive type of satin bedding, and in addition, quite difficult to reach. However, for those who love luxury in the bedroom we definitely recommend this type of bedding!

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Satin sheets and bedroom decoration

Due to their properties, satin sheets are now very popular, and popular e-shops offer a wide range of sets in different colors, patterns and patterns. We will easily choose a color matching the decor of our bedroom, so that satin bedding will provide us not only a unique comfort of sleep, but also will allow for a stylish and aesthetic complement to the arrangement of our bedroom. And in such conditions sleeps even more pleasantly!

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