People who work at home emphasize that one of the biggest advantages of such work is breaking with the routine of office life. Of course, working at home requires us to create the right conditions for ourselves, so one of the most important tasks waiting for us is to properly arrange the interior. During project activities it is advisable to take into account our own preferences, although the nature of the work we do is also very important.

A working corner in the living roomThe first step is to decide which room best suits your needs. It turns out that it doesn't always have to be a separate room. At this stage, you can proceed to an analysis of the pros and cons of the place selected by us, which should be selected in terms of privacy, access to natural lighting and access to it. If our clients are to appear in the office as well, it is worth taking care to keep it away from the center of home life. If the accommodation conditions allow us to do so, we may decide to find a separate room for our office.

Otherwise, it is a good idea to extend the function of any of the available rooms. The bedroom is an excellent example in this context, as it is known that it is not used during the day. Many people also decide to work in the dining room, where the table is the office, although it is uncomfortable to have to hide all documents and equipment immediately after the end of work.

Sometimes you also choose a rather unusual place for an office, such as a passage between rooms. If we use a skylight and a suitable lamp, we do not have to worry that the space will be too dark, but its advantage is that the workstation located in such a place can be dismantled quite quickly. If you are dealing with a room with a so-called double purpose, you should think about desks built into a wardrobe. Sometimes you only need a piece of free wall to set them up, and the effects are more than satisfactory.

Blue office

Arrangement of the workplace itself is not an easy task and involves the need to consider many issues. It is worth mentioning here the arrangement of furniture, but also the selection of appropriate equipment used by us is very important. The office is also expected to be functional.

The first step, which we should decide on, seems to be the choice of quite a large desk, but very important for us should also be a comfortable chair and other equipment. If you have to sit at your desk for up to six to eight hours a day, you should be aware that choosing a chair is becoming a priority. It is necessary to invest in high quality models, as these are not only conducive to comfort, but also to our health. The standard size of the desk is about 75 centimetres wide and about 150 centimetres long.

It is also worth to think about the free space between the desk and other furniture, because it allows us to sit and stand up comfortably. The objects that we use most often should be within reach, because such action contributes to the fact that our work becomes more effective.

When planning, we should also bear in mind that we will have to deal with numerous power cables, so we shouldn't run out of sockets for them. Of course, an office that is located at home can have a more personal character than the one we usually deal with at work. Nothing stands in the way of creating a retro-style office with a historic secretary.

We must also not forget that it is necessary to find a place where documents can be stored, because if they remain in disarray, we will not be able to emerge quickly from the chaos that may have arisen in this way. Colourful binders and document trays may be useful. Keeping things in order will also be made easier with shelves that contain frequently used items and compartments for utensils and small items.

While working at home, it is also worth taking advantage of the opportunity to design the environment in such a way that it corresponds to the nature of work as it is.

we're doing. Our personal preferences and tastes also seem to be important. The corner to work does not have to resemble a classic office, although such a solution seems to be a necessity at the moment when we plan to use it to emphasize our professional status. If you want to feel good in your home office you should focus on functionality, but it will not hurt, if we will also consider its characteristic aesthetics. A careful selection of the type and style of furniture and office accessories used will help us to do this.

When designing an office in a room used on a daily basis, it should be remembered that functionality is particularly important in this case. It is therefore essential to place emphasis on wardrobes where documents can be locked and drawers where other office accessories can be found. An interesting idea may also turn out to be cabinets on wheels, because it is characteristic for them that they allow us a particularly easy access to the materials that are most needed at the moment.

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