If you are preparing a shower cubicle, make sure it is very well suited for the bathroom. Among other things, it is necessary to ensure that it responds to the needs of users. Of course, you should also consider where you want to install such a cabin, where you also need to prepare a good installation for the outflow of water.

If we have already made a decision, we can also deal with the shape of such a cabin, its location or how the doors will open there. Nowadays, we can find many different shapes and possibilities of cab placement on the market. Some of these cabs are equipped with a variety of attachments to make them more comfortable to use. We offer various colours of cab glass, prepared dimensions, which will fit older people, who will be able to comfortably wash in such a cab.

Shower enclosure

We offer a wide range of shower enclosure options. There are semi-circular, asymmetric or corner cabins on sale. They are made of various materials and will be of exceptional quality. Of course, in such cabins different fillings of glass are made, so that everything is safer.

There are also walk in cabins on sale where there is no door, but the construction is made so that water cannot escape to the outside. Such cabins, above all, look very modern. I'm sure they'll look great. In blocks of flats we usually do not have large flats and therefore the installation of such a cabin will certainly be a practical and convenient solution. When it comes to cabin doors, cabins with hinged, sliding or swinging doors are very common.

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