Evening, full moon in the sky. The two of them on the skin of a bear are enjoying the warmth coming from the cheerfully crackling fireplace. And it doesn't have to be a movie fantasy! If you are building or renovating a house it is worth considering a fireplace. It could be without bear skin.

It has to be pleasing to the eye and provide warmth

A fireplace is an investment for years, and if it is to serve at least a dozen or so years, it must be pleasing to the eye and be universal enough not to get bored. The fireplace cannot be the only source of heat in the house and unfortunately does not exempt from the obligation to have a heating stove, but is ideal for transition periods such as spring and autumn, but also on cool summer evenings.

Which fireplace insert should I choose?

A fireplace is a fantastic cheap source of heat for your home. It is worth considering what will be the most effective. The fireplace inserts can be divided into cast iron and steel according to the type of material. Irons heat up for a long time, but also give off heat for a long time. They have the disadvantage that cracks may appear after a while. The repair consists in removing the entire fireplace stove and twisting it back into place. Traditional steel inserts are additionally equipped with chamotte or vermiculite shaped pieces allowing for heat accumulation. They may break after years of use, but replacement is not a problem.

You can choose from the traditional fireplace inserts:

  • Standard version - provides warmth in the living room while optimizing purchase costs.
  • The standard inlet intake is a special nozzle that supplies the cold air needed for efficient combustion. Insufficient combustion air is the cause of the malfunction of the fireplace stove. Currently, houses are built in such a way that they are as airtight as possible and do not emit heat to the outside, so an investment in a traditional contribution with an inlet will be the best solution.
  • Standard with glass system - is a system with double glazing, which prevents heat radiation to the room. More heat is transferred to the heating system of the house. Since the outer pane does not heat up as in standard inserts, this reduces the risk of burns. This is especially important when there are children at home. It also affects the degree of soiling of the glass in the fireplace.
  • The standard with both solutions ensures efficient combustion and safety of use.

What parameters should I pay attention to?

  • Certainly for the duration of the fireplace operation without the need to refill the fuel. If it lasts up to 10 hours, this is a fireplace insert that is worth considering.
  • The heating efficiency of the fireplace stove is also important. This is the nominal amount of energy produced during combustion per hour. Specified in kilowatts.
  • The heating efficiency of a traditional fireplace should be between 50% and 80%.
  • The way ash is picked up. It is important because it can be a special drawer, it can be a pick-up from the bottom of the hearth, but the fireplace can also include a special system for removing ashes to the basement.
  • How the door opens. To the side? Or is it upstairs? Do we want the fireplace to also heat the room and serve in a more traditional way, or do we want the fireplace to serve in a more traditional way, or better when the heat is transferred mostly to the heating system of the house.
  • The thickness of the fireplace walls should not be less than 8 mm. Thinner fireplace inserts may be cheaper of course, but very fragile.
  • The size of a fireplace stove affects its heating power, but the size of the room in which it will be located must be taken into account.
  • The average temperature of the exhaust gases should not exceed 400°C. This ensures the efficiency of a traditional fireplace and the safety of its use.

When buying a fireplace stove, you should pay attention to many different factors, which also determine the price. In this situation, it is worthwhile to ask for help from specialists who will advise the best choice, as well as make a professional installation of the purchased fireplace stove.

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