When we move into a new apartment or house, we often do without some of the furniture that we slowly collect for months. However, it is impossible to do without upholstered lounge furniture, which is very comfortable and functional in the long run. It is this type of furniture that usually plays the first violin in the living room, where we spend most of our free time with our family or friends. The most important thing in this case is, of course, that the furniture we choose is comfortable. Therefore, when we go shopping to buy them we must first of all check what materials they were made of, what kind of upholstery they have, what is the depth of the seat and how high are the backrests.

First of all, comfort

Both the depth of the seat and the height of the backrest are two dimensions that should be important to us. Which piece of furniture we choose depends mainly on the growth of people who will use it. People who are not tall or of average height must rather look for sofas that are shallow. This way, while sitting on the couch, their feet will be able to rest freely on the ground. In turn, slightly taller users should opt for deep seats that provide excellent support for the entire thighs. We should also remember that the backrest should be high enough to allow the whole spine to rest on it. It is not without reason that sofas and armchairs with adjustable headrests are now very popular. On some models it is called optional equipment, but some manufacturers already consider it a standard.

Filling of upholstered furniture

Of course, one of the basic components of a sofa is its frame, which can be made of steel, furniture boards or solid wood. Another element is the so-called springing part, which can be made from seat tapes or springs: corrugated, bonnelian or pocket springs. Users appreciate the latter most, because they have a high point elasticity, which makes the sofa comfortable even when used for lying down or sleeping. The specified spring system is then covered with a special layer of furniture fibres, which is soundproofing, and a layer of polyurethane foam. This is where the fabric or upholstery skin is applied.


How big a couch we buy usually depends on the size of the room it is supposed to be in, but also on the number of people who will use it most often. Therefore, more and more people decide to buy modular furniture, thanks to which it is possible to freely combine different elements, so that the sofa meets our requirements. Among many configurations, we can choose corner modules or modules with armrests. With no problem, we will also find matching pouffes, couches, cushions or additional, adjustable headrests. In fact, everyone can "build" a perfect couch for themselves.

Functionality and comfort first of all

If you would like your sofa not only to be used for sitting, but also for sleeping, it is best to invest in a sofa bed. Buying one is a particularly good idea for small apartments where every square centimetre is important. The more so as most of these sofas also have special containers for bedding. Some models of this type of lounge furniture also have great storage compartments. Manufacturers are outdoing each other in more and more interesting ideas on how to make the sofa even more functional. Popular are, for example, small shelves for books in side rests, storage for remote controls and newspapers in armrests, or built-in speakers and USB inputs.

Which upholstery to choose? Leather rest

The amount of all kinds of upholstery materials that are currently offered to customers is huge, so it is not surprising that many people have trouble making decisions. Chenille fabrics, which look like velvet or very fine corduroy, are relatively easy to maintain and look good. They are highly resistant to mossing and regular vacuum cleaning is sufficient to keep them clean. Although a typical velour is also quite durable, we will have much more difficulty in protecting it from dirt. On the other hand, microphase is an ideal material for allergy sufferers. The fabric woven from synthetic fibres is very pleasant to the touch and pollen, dust and other impurities can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. It is worth paying special attention to the Alcantra fabric, which is very durable and pleasant to the touch and can be washed wet. Natural leather, of course, has always been a real luxury and is very durable, but also expensive. Unfortunately, its unique appearance also requires special care, so it must be cleaned regularly, including with preparations that reduce the penetration of dirt, and any dirt should be removed immediately. Artificial leather can also be a good choice, as it is easier to keep clean. We must remember, however, that they can be scratched or even cracked.

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