The sofa is the most important piece of furniture in the living room. It affects both the appearance of the whole room and the comfort of the household members. In addition to durability and high quality, its size, colour and function are equally important. Learn a few tips to help you choose the perfect couch.

Sofa or corner?

The first step should be to choose the place where the couch will stand. In this way, we will immediately determine what its maximum permissible size may be. The designated place should be measured and when shopping, make sure that the chosen piece of furniture does not take up too much space. This is especially important in very small salons, where every square meter is worth its weight in gold. Let's also consider how many people should our couch accommodate. Do we intend to invite guests often? Do we need a furniture with a sleeping function? With pre-determined requirements, it will be easier to find something suitable.

Many people wonder whether it is better to buy a classic sofa or a modern corner sofa. As a rule, the corners are designed for medium and large interiors. They are a good option if we want the furniture to accommodate more people and we do not intend to buy a pouffe or armchairs. The corner allows you to position yourself in a semi lying position, which provides much greater comfort and versatility. This type of sofas fits perfectly into modern arrangements, e.g. in Scandinavian or industrial style. In the offer of some manufacturers we can find both corners of smaller sizes and very large, sold in a set with an additional pouffe or two chaise longue. The same is true for sofas, which are associated with more classical interior design (e.g. vintage, glamour, rustic). They usually take up less space than the corners, although they are available in different sizes. Nevertheless, they are a bit more compact, so they fit perfectly into even the smallest of spaces. For a better result and to increase the number of seats in the case of a sofa, it is advisable to add pouffes or armchairs to the sofa.

Colour and shape

The shape and colour of the sofa are of great importance. This piece of furniture plays a dominant role in the room, so it should harmonise or contrast well with the rest of the equipment (depending on the effect we want to achieve). If you are dealing with a small interior where it is quite tight and dark, it is best to choose a piece of furniture in a very light shade. However, a dark sofa can be an interesting, contrasting complement to the living room, dominated by white and other illuminating colors. A colourful sofa, e.g. in the shade of intense red, violet, blue, powder pink, yellow, will be a perfect solution when you want to bring a bit of life. A sofa or corner sofa with a strong, bold colour will break through any subdued arrangement, giving it a bit of joy and artistic claw.

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