Painting the walls seems to be easy, so we often undertake to do it ourselves. It is easy to forget, however, that in addition to large, flat surfaces, there are also more problematic areas, where it is much more difficult to reach with a brush and obtain a streak-free coat of paint. We suggest how to deal with them!

If you want to refresh a room in a house or apartment, repainting it is the simplest and cheapest idea to implement. Especially if you can do the renovation yourself. First of all, bet on a good, covering paint and take a moment to paint each wall as carefully as possible. Here are some patents how to do this in places that are difficult to access.

Floor rails, switches and contacts

Their basic protection is a painting tape. It's worth having a lot of it. Easy to peel off, leaving no hard to remove adhesive layer. Just remember to peel it off immediately when it is not needed - this reduces the risk of damaging the freshly applied paint layer. Around such places it is worth to paint with a small, precise brush.


Where two or more surfaces come into contact, it is very easy to apply the wrong coat of paint, as you can see when it is dry. If the adjacent surfaces are to have the same colour, it is best to apply paint with a round roller, and to correct the deficiencies, it is worth having a small, flat brush. It is somewhat more difficult if each surface is to have a different shade. Then we first paint one wall, and after it dries we protect the freshly painted surface with a painting tape. Only then do we paint the second wall, then remove the tape as soon as possible - it should not stay on the wall too long. Another solution is to use a special cut-off roller, which on the one hand has a special protection, so that it can be precisely painted along the edges.

Window recesses

Beginning painters are often frightened by the vision of painting window openings. Fortunately, not so devilish! It is worth to start painting with a small brush, which allows you to precisely spread the paint in the corners and around the frames. You can reach for brushes with curved handles, so called curves, which make it easier to paint places difficult to reach. PVC glass and frames can be easily cleaned of paint if they get dirty, but if you prefer to avoid soiling immediately, you can protect your window frame with foil and masking tape beforehand.

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