The Scandinavian style of interior design has become famous in Poland only in recent years. And although its duration here is quite short, it has already gathered a whole multitude of faithful fans of its assumptions. Well, people whose lives are already shabby with trinkets and splendour in their flats. The Scandinavian style has seduced with its practicality and simplicity of people focusing on the functionality of their homes.

What is the characteristic feature of the Scandinavian style?

The Scandinavian style is the simplest way to say minimalist style, thanks to which the apartment is harmonious. Most furniture performs its specific function. The most important thing is that our furniture in the apartment is functional and practical. The Scandinavian style does not contain any unnecessary decorations or accessories. This does not mean, however, that if you choose the Scandinavian style in your home or apartment, the apartment will be empty with bare walls. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Light + contrast!

Well, in this style can also include paintings on the walls, nice chandeliers and similar accessories. However, it is important to keep our apartment functional and universal. In terms of colour, there are quite a few contrasts, such as dark pictures and doors on white walls or blue cushions on a grey couch. All in all, this style combines warm and cold colours. The walls may be wooden or have bare brick effects. They don't just have to be boring white. Carpets on the floor, if at all, are only small and quite rough. Big fluffy carpets don't fit in with this style. Minimalism in this form seems to be transparent and at the same time practical and pleasing to the eye.

The pros and cons of the Scandinavian style

The biggest advantage of Scandinavian style apartments is that their functionality is not only related to practical furniture, but is also easy to clean. Although this seems to be a ridiculous argument, for people who want to live with a small child or animal, such aspects are most sought after. This apartment is also for people who do not have time to take care of the details in the apartment. In the Scandinavian style they do not occur at all.

Another advantage of the Scandinavian style is that interior design made in this style can be really cheap. Many of the flagship elements of Scandinavian style apartment furnishings can be obtained used or made at a small cost.

A disadvantage of the Scandinavian style may be the fact that there are many wooden elements in it, which require appropriate care so that their durability is not damaged. A certain inconvenience may be that although, as has already been mentioned, it is easy to clean there, unfortunately, the elements used for furniture and small decorations often collect dirt. Walls are white as standard, they get dirty incredibly quickly, especially in the case of small children and animals in the house.

Although the Scandinavian style has a few more advantages and disadvantages, in fact, whether we use its assumptions depends only on ourselves and what we think of the interior.

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