We take care of our home every day. Furnishing it and decorating it, we devote a lot of time to the proper selection of equipment and beautiful objects, so that we can look at the interiors of our dreams every day. However, without daily cleaning and hygiene, our design efforts would have been of little use. Only when combined with cleanliness and a beautiful, airy fragrance will our home enchant both the household members and guests.

When we wonder what kind of smell we like the most, we usually think of the aromas of fruit, flowers and plants. In order to fill the interior with a beautiful fragrance, we can prepare our own so-called home air fresheners or use ready-made products, which can be bought in every larger store. Here are our proposals.

Do it yourself, i.e. the smells conjured up by yourself

Preparing a home air freshener is trivially easy. Just add a little bit of baking soda and your favourite fragrance oil to a glass of water. The more oil you use, the more intense the fragrance will be. Pour the whole into a bottle with a diffuser, screw it in and mix well. Home air freshener is ready to use and we can try it out right away.

You can also easily prepare an air freshener in a gel, which will not only smell beautifully, but also look great. For this purpose, carefully select the dish for the air freshener.

It can be a fancy glass, an interesting jar, a bowl or even a cup. In addition to the pot, you will also need gel balls for irrigating plants or gelatin and your favourite fragrance oil. It is enough to pour water over the balls with oil and then wait for them to swell. Then we put them in the dish and we're done!

If you want to use gelatin, just prepare it according to the recipe, pour it into a dish and add the aromatic oil. For a better effect, you can put small artificial flowers into gelatin, which will make it not only a great air freshener, but also a beautiful decorative element.

Don't do it yourself - buy an air freshener in the store

When you decide to buy an air freshener, you must first determine how it will serve you. If you want to use it temporarily, the best choice is a traditional air freshener in aerosol. When there is an urgent need to neutralize an unpleasant aroma, simply reach for the packaging and spray the product in the room. The effect will be immediate.

If you want to keep a subtle, pleasant fragrance in your room, there are several options to choose from. For bathrooms and toilets especially recommended are air fresheners in gel.

There are many types of shops available. Some have normal plastic packaging and we put it in a discreet place. Others, however, are placed in very original, glass jars, so they can even serve as decorative elements.

Another form of air fresheners are those that become active when motion is detected nearby. This type of air freshener is set relatively high (about 180 cm above the floor), choose the size of the dose of aroma and ready.

Every time someone walks past the device, it will release another portion of its beautiful fragrance. You can also use so-called electric air fresheners, which after being placed in an electric socket gradually release the aroma, and the whole house smells like cinnamon, for example.

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