Summer is a period when the temperature indoors and outdoors is very high. Once the sun is on one side of the building, you can expect the room to heat up a lot. It goes without saying that the heat has a negative impact on health and wellbeing, which makes us walk irritated and tired all the time. But there is a very simple way to protect yourself from the sun and effectively lower the room temperature.

Which roller blinds should I choose?

One of the latest proposals in the field of window decoration is a roller blind called day and night. It successively gains a lot of supporters, who appreciate its unusual look and innovative application. With this roller blind you can easily adjust the light access to the interior. With just one stroke, you can completely dim the room or let as much light as possible into it. You don't have to lift the whole roller blind up to make the room brighter. This roller blind looks much better in the window than the usual uniform material. How did the roller blinds come about day and night? They were inspired by horizontal blinds, but these are made of two layers of material, not plastic. You are not a fan of curtains, you prefer when your window is open? Day and night roller blinds will successfully replace both these decorative elements.

How does a roller blind work day and night?

It all depends, in fact, on the time of day. During the day, when we want the room to be bright, we set the fabric straps of the lowered roller blind in such a way that it is transparent, so that we can achieve the desired effect. However, at night or when we need a little more intimacy, it is enough to set the belts in such a way that the transparent elements are covered with a second material. There is no denying that the day and night roller blind has two functions in one. It is very functional and is a perfect replacement for traditional curtains and curtains.

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