Nowadays, hedgerows are no longer just gardens and parks at manor houses and palaces, but are increasingly common in private areas. In addition to decoration, it also has a function that protects our privacy.

Inhabitants of large cities cannot boast the comfort of privacy and intimacy in their own corner. Those who have a garden at their disposal can afford a substitute for privacy and peace, which is a hedge, protecting against curious eyes of neighbors and urban noise.

Natural boundary

A hedge designed with an idea and a head can serve as an additional protection of our plot. Fence panels are very difficult to climb. If there is a hedge on the intruder's way, it is almost impossible.
A natural fence made of plants and panels will be an obstacle for uninvited guests and homeless animals. An unquestionable advantage of a natural fence is that it prevents neighbours or passers-by from watching us. This is a great idea for properties located on the street. In addition, the hedge can dampen the noise of passing transport vehicles.
- The vegetation also stops dust from the roadway and has a purifying effect on the air. The hedge surrounding the property reduces the dirtiness of the façade of the house.

Green caravan

The most interesting and best-looking type of hedge is the line, i.e. shrubs growing in one row. Together with the fence they can form a double protection, but unfortunately such a barrier requires regular maintenance, i.e. frequent trimming. A large amount of space is also needed for their full growth.
- It is extremely important to keep a distance between the fence and the designed green wall. This distance depends on the type of plant you want to use, so you need to think about how much space you have. Szpaler is a good idea for larger plots, such a wall of green will look good on them. In addition, along such a fence we can plant yews, junipers and other evergreen plants, which are an additional shield for autumn.


Alternative climbers

Vines are another interesting option. They take on the layout of the object on which they are based, so they take up less space:
- In the end, let us consider not only our tastes, but also the amount of time and resources that we can and want to devote to planting. A good choice would be a five-leaf vinyleaf vinyleaf. It grows almost everywhere. In autumn, its leaves change colour to a beautiful, crimson colour.
Fences overgrown with climbers do not require as much care as a line. We don't have to cut them often and take care of their shape too much - only if they grow too densely, or if after the winter you have to cut off dead shoots.
Climbing plants can be too much of a burden on the fence, so we should choose the right panels:
- When selecting the panels, we must take into account the weight of the plants.

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