Those who do not like typical solutions and at the same time want the interior design in their house to be appreciated should consider investing in decorative openwork panels. They can be used in many ways to create partition walls.

Each time you can count not only on an interesting effect, but also on a relatively small effort needed to achieve it.

Openwork panels - what is it?

Openwork panels are the representatives of the recently fashionable solution, which is the so-called 3D decorative panels. They are created by cutting out a special pattern in the panel, which shines through them. It is worth noting that we are dealing with solutions that can be made of various materials, so we are dealing not only with plywood and wood, but also with a wide range of plastics. The panels are available in a variety of designs with different degrees of differentiation.

Wall decoration

Most often these are geometric and floral patterns, more or less openwork, depending on the buyer's arrangement concept. One of the biggest advantages of openwork panels is that there is no interior in which they cannot be used. Of course, when we deal with floral motifs, which are characterized by subdued colors, we most often find them in classical interiors. On the other hand, recently fashionable geometric patterns work best where modernity reigns. It is also important to know what colours have been used in the room.

Interior MDF openwork panels

Openwork panels made of MDF have the advantage that we can easily paint them in any color that suits us, so that they fit perfectly to the interior design of our interior. A very interesting proposal are openwork panels characterized by high gloss. These are particularly suitable for many applications and appear, for example, as impressive partition walls and screens. It is also an excellent solution when we dream of a spectacular mask for a radiator or balustrade stairs.

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