Choosing a mattress for a bedroom is one of the most important decisions that we have to make when furnishing a flat. The comfort of our sleep, well-being and a healthy spine will depend on whether the chosen product meets our expectations. If you want to wake up in a good mood every morning, without back pain or muscle tension, check which mattress is the best choice.

Hard mattress or soft mattress?

Bedroom decorators often dream of a super comfortable and very soft mattress on which to relax after a hard day. However, this is not always the most appropriate choice. Although a very soft mattress may seem to be comfortable, usually after just a few nights we realize that it has its drawbacks. This type of mattress often does not provide adequate support for the spine, because the whole body falls into a kind of light down. As a result, instead of relaxing, we put all our energy into keeping our spine in the right position, and in the morning we get up tired and sore. Of course, a mattress that is too hard can also cause discomfort by compressing blood vessels and muscles too much. Mattresses that maintain a good balance between hardness and softness are an interesting solution. They have a special layer reinforcing the structure, which creates zones of varying degrees of hardness. Thanks to this solution, the mattress is harder where we need it, i.e. in the area of the lumbar spine, and softer in the area of the head, neck and feet, i.e. in places that do not require strong support.

Mattress with high point flexibility

A very important feature of a good mattress is its point elasticity. It means that the product adapts to the shape of the body and responds to changing pressure, bending exactly where it occurs. In Tempur mattresses, the 10 cm high Precision micro springs provide good point elasticity. They adapt very well to the load and prevent the feeling of collapse during sleep. An important innovation that increases point flexibility is also the use of the High Mobility layer, which facilitates movement on the mattress and reduces vibrations and inconveniences caused by changing the position of the other body. It is a good solution for people who often change their position while sleeping and for couples, also for people with large weight differences.

There is no single answer to the question of what kind of mattress to choose. It is worthwhile to be guided by both objective factors such as spinal support, elasticity and good quality of the materials used, but undoubtedly it is also necessary to take into account individual feelings.

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