When we dream of a place where we can spend time in the open air, meet our loved ones and relax, it is a good idea to build a terrace. One of the most important decisions we will then have to make is the one concerning the material used for its assembly. Are we going to use wood or is composite a better choice? Both types of surfaces have their advantages and a group of supporters. It is worth to learn more about them and find out which one of them suits us better and which one will better meet our expectations.


Wooden boards used for terrace installation are made of exotic wood. You can choose between different species such as bangkirai, massaranduba, garapa and many others. However, Poles also increasingly appreciate composite boards made of a combination of high-quality coniferous wood and polymer. Unlike natural wood, which requires regular and often costly impregnation, it does not need to be renewed, meaning that its owners can enjoy a beautiful terrace for years with virtually no effort.


An important feature of wooden boards is their high hardness and durability. Exotic wood is resistant to abrasion, parasites and fungi. He copes well with the capricious autumn aura, he is also not afraid of frost. The situation is even better in the case of composites, which, thanks to their durability, are extremely resistant to external factors and almost any weather conditions. Thanks to the finishing of the boards by brushing, the terrace made of them has anti-slip properties.


Both types of boards are characterized by versatility of applications, which gives a lot of freedom in planning terrace construction. Installation is particularly easy in the case of composites, which are supplied by the manufacturers with joists, masks, slats and other necessary elements - thanks to which the screws between the boards are not visible. Composite composites can be installed on any surface, including concrete screed. This is different for natural wood. Wooden boards are usually fastened with steel screws, only occasionally with the use of system solutions.


Remember that choosing the right type of surface is not enough. To be able to enjoy the aesthetic appearance of the terrace for as long as possible, it is worth deciding on the material of a proven manufacturer. We want to be sure that the product we receive will meet our expectations in every situation. It is therefore best to use the services of Polish companies with appropriate approvals and certificates, which prove the high quality of services.

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