Ergonomics is usually associated with actions to improve the comfort of employees to protect them from many health problems and make their work easier. It is worth knowing, however, that an ergonomic workplace can also contribute to increasing the productivity of an employee.

In recent years, more and more people have been talking and writing about ergonomics in the media. This is not a coincidence, as more and more is known about the impact of ergonomics on workers, and more and more research is being done into it. It is thanks to research, including by Health and Work Outcomes, that employers have learned that ergonomics affects the efficiency of workers. It turned out that in an ergonomically designed office, the productivity of the people working there increases on average by 17.8% per year. Such a workplace strongly motivates the employed. This should not be surprising, as an ergonomic workstation reduces fatigue and increases the comfort of daily work.

How to take care of ergonomics in the office?

Contrary to appearances, ergonomics in the office is not difficult or complicated. The main idea is to free the employee from an uncomfortable position while performing repetitive tasks at the computer and desk. Working in an uncomfortable position not only has a negative impact on health, but also causes frustration and is difficult to perform. Work in the comfort zone is easiest to ensure by equipping the office with appropriate furniture. On the market you can already find ergonomic products of renowned manufacturers without any problems. In terms of ergonomics, it is worth paying particular attention to desks with electric height adjustment. At the touch of a button, you can easily customize your desk to suit the specific user. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the trend in offices is becoming more and more popular as a combination of sitting and standing work for health purposes.

Another important element is the office chair. The seats with adjustable seats, backrests and armrests are ergonomic and ergonomic.

Desk and chair are the elements of office equipment that have the strongest influence on the ergonomics of workstations and comfort. Of course, such equipment can be enriched with additional elements, such as anti-fatigue mats, ergonomic laptop pads, etc. All this should have a positive impact on the comfort of work, increase ergonomics and, as a result, also the productivity of employees.

It is worthwhile to teach ergonomics to employees

Preparing office space in a proper way and equipping it with carefully selected furniture and equipment is only the first stage of implementing ergonomics in the workplace. In order for employees to really benefit from a friendly position, they must also "learn" it. It's all about them finding out what they should do to make their work more comfortable. This means that the employer should provide them with adequate training. These may be classroom classes prepared by an external training company, but an easier solution is to use e-learning ergonomics to learn. Through such training, employees will learn how to use office space to their advantage, how to prevent injuries while sitting on the job and what to do to make work more enjoyable and less tiring. It is during this type of training that it is worth giving employees information about when they should take breaks and how to organise their workspace.

Preparing an ergonomic office space can be the best incentive to motivate employees and increase their productivity. To achieve this, however, it is necessary to focus not only on the right equipment in the office, but also on raising awareness among employees of how they can improve their work comfort.

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