Kitchen has been one of the main points of the home for centuries. It was here that the whole family life took place, and the family members spent time together. Unfortunately, the ever-changing lifestyle of the modern man caused a significant relaxation of family ties, which caused many of us to stop eating meals with our loved ones. The kitchen is becoming more and more a place where we just want to quickly prepare a simple meal and eat something before going to work.

Fortunately, however, the trends are slowly beginning to reverse and more and more of us are beginning to dream of a kitchen, which will also be a room with the right climate for eating together in a pleasant, family atmosphere. The device is not an easy thing to do, because it requires time to find the right elements of its equipment.

The focal point of any such kitchen should, of course, be a good table. It must be tailored to the size of our kitchen; it should provide us with maximum comfort and at the same time give us the freedom to use all the other functions of our kitchen. The biggest problem occurs, of course, when we do not have much space in such a room. Fortunately, however, also then you can find some interesting proposals that will work well in such a place. We present the most important of them.A small table in the kitchen

One of the most popular ideas here is the traditional free-standing table. Such tables are usually rectangular or square in shape, which is an important advantage. It gives us a lot of possibilities when it comes to finding a suitable place in the kitchen, where we put our furniture - it may be the very center of the room, but we can also choose a place somewhere in the corner. This way we will enjoy full functionality and at the same time we will save a lot of space.

However, you may as well opt for a circular table - this is a very interesting solution, although it requires the right conditions. For such a table we need some space, especially if we want to place it somewhere in the corner of the kitchen. However, such furniture has many advantages. First of all, they are more spacious than square or rectangular tables, which is very important especially for larger families - more people can sit at the same time. On the other hand, it's worth considering whether it's really a good idea in a small kitchen. In that case, we will not be able to get too many extra chairs anyway and, as we have already said, we will waste more space in that room on the table itself.

In the case of rectangular and square tables, however, we must remember about a certain danger, which are their edges. It's easy to bump into them, which is particularly noticeable for children. However, this applies to tables used in all rooms, not only in the kitchen. Another very interesting proposition in a small kitchen is a folding table top. In moments when we do not use it, it is practically invisible and does not take up any space - we arrange it only when we need it. It is attached to the wall by means of special brackets, which makes it easy to unfold and takes just a few seconds. Of course, this is not a completely flawless solution. Breakfast corner

It is true that our table does not take up space when we do not use it, but we still have to keep chairs somewhere - so we cannot say that with such a solution we do not need any space in the kitchen at all. In addition, no other furniture or solid items can be placed in the place where the table is located after it has been unfolded, so most of the time it is simply wasted. After folding, the table needs space on the wall, which can make it difficult to create a fully satisfactory interior design in the kitchen - we cannot designate such space for any decorations or other elements that we freeze. Moreover, when unfolded, such worktops are usually much smaller than normal tables, so that there is no room for too many people.

One of the most popular solutions nowadays is a folding table, which when folded slides into the kitchen built-in. It is very practical, because such a table does not take up any space on the wall - it is hidden under the kitchen worktop all the time and can be pulled out only when necessary. In addition, you do not need to push it out in its entirety to be able to use it. If you only need a small space for breakfast or coffee, you can only slide it halfway out. Such an additional tabletop can sometimes be very useful also during cooking. Regardless of which table you decide on, in each case you have to think about choosing the right table top. The material from which it will be made is very important. In terms of resistance, stone worktops definitely dominate, but they are quite expensive and heavy at the same time. If you want a good look, even at the cost of greater sensitivity to damage, the best solution is a traditional wooden worktop.

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