Glass panels for kitchens have been very popular recently. Why would I do that? What are they? Well, it's nothing more than - as their name suggests - pictures on glass. Most often they are placed, among others, between cabinets and worktops. They are able to perfectly diversify any interior, regardless of the selected photo and the size of the panels. There is now a possibility to choose an individual motif.

Glass panels are resistant to the passage of time, and most importantly, they can create incredible decorative effects. Regardless of the chosen photo, these panels always look elegant and original, so that the interior of your own kitchen can be decorated in an unusual way. It should also be mentioned that panels of this type are the best quality alternative to modern tiles, which no longer have such beautiful features as glass panels. More and more often we focus on modernity and realistic images, rather than on tiles with repeated patterns.

Where and how to use glass panels?

The interior of any kitchen can be managed in any way, and the only limitation is often only taste and imagination. Nevertheless, glass panels will always be the ideal solution. They can be used without any dilemmas. How's that? It fills the space between the table top and cabinets, and even.... lays the floor, which then looks magical.

But that's not all - panels of this type can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room, bathroom and own room, such as a bedroom, guest or children's room. More and more often glass panels are also found in the lobby, popular hallway and dining rooms. They are also used by restaurants, hotels and companies with various specializations.

Stylistics, categories, colours...

Photos on glass can be selected in any way you like. According to preferences, taste, imagination, dreams, or the interior of the room and simply - your favorite picture. Every selection method is right, so don't hesitate. Nature, abstraction, cities, landscapes and even sports panels - companies involved in the production and installation of glass panels have various categories that allow each customer to find the right, most original and appealing image. It is enough to find a place, determine its location and adjust it to the given interior design and room.

Panels can also be divided into several smaller ones, forming a whole. You can choose the appropriate size of panes - one image can consist of one part or several smaller ones, which when joined together create a magical photo. It is also worth noting that companies often allow their customers to create panels from their own photos, using individual concepts and imagination.

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