Properly selected lighting in the bedroom plays an equally important role, as well as a well-chosen bed or mattress. Thanks to it we can relax after a hard day at work and maximum rest. It is important that the light in the bedroom does not hurt the eyes and can create a calming, intimate atmosphere. It is therefore worth taking care not only of the main lighting - a hanging lamp or chandelier, but also of additional light sources - sconces, table and floor lamps. Thanks to this you will furnish a unique, atmospheric interior in which you will want to spend all your free time.

Where do I start?

In interior design there should always be a concrete plan. It is worth to think carefully about the location of furniture and the installation of lighting. Thanks to this, there will be no need to re-furnish the bedroom and all the elements of the decor will be in harmony with each other. Start by selecting the main lamp into the interior. Depending on the size of the interior, it can be a small hanging lamp, a plafond or a large chandelier. You can also opt for spotlights that are the most suitable for modern arrangements. The lamp with candle-shaped lampshades will look romantic and original at the same time. Such a lamp will guarantee a romantic atmosphere in the interior and give it a special charm. Open lampshades can always be covered with fabric shades, which will allow you to gently darken the interior. This effect can be achieved with the help of a dimmer, which is mounted on some models.


Time for additional and task lighting

One lamp hanging in the bedroom is not enough. Some of us spend time in the bedroom reading books before bedtime or working behind a desk at the window. Then it is worth to take care of additional lamps. Thanks to them you will illuminate the space necessary to perform this or that task. For work you can choose a functional table lamp, and for rest you can choose a wall lamp. Don't forget that a single lamp can be used to perform several tasks. For example, a floor lamp can be easily moved from one end of the bedroom to the other, and a lamp with two moving lampshades can simultaneously illuminate two task areas.

lamps and lighting

When furnishing a bedroom, it is worth remembering that each member of the household should have a separate lamp for himself or herself. For this purpose, sconces mounted on both sides of the bed will be used. They can be replaced by e.g. table lamps or hanging lamps. The latter idea is more innovative, but it doesn't mean that it won't work in retro or industrial interiors. Such a solution will also suit Scandinavian, modern and minimalist arrangements.

The bedroom for each of us is an oasis of peace. Despite this, such a place will not do without decorative lighting, which will not only illuminate the interior, but also decorate it. This function will be performed by elegant sconces with crystals, designer table lamps or sophisticated hanging lamps. Thanks to such original additions it is possible to create a unique, atmospheric interior, which will be different from classic bedroom rooms. This will provide a quiet corner for you and your other half, where you will be able not only to sleep well, but also to relax and forget about everyday problems.

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