In order to make the terrace look beautiful, it is worth installing a balustrade on it. The barrier is not only a decorative element, but also a safety element. However, it is not always installed correctly. How to avoid the most common mistakes?

How to install a railing?

We can choose from three different techniques for installing the balustrade on the terrace:

  • from above - then screw the posts from the top surface of the terrace. Although this is not a recommended solution due to the possibility of leaks and damage to the damp proof insulation, many investors choose this method of installation - mainly for architectural reasons. This is typical for old railings.

In order to avoid possible negative effects of mounting the railing from above, it is necessary to properly insulate the holes for the posts. The posts themselves must also be insulated.

  • on the side - the railing is mounted on the front surface of the terrace construction panel. In this case, special attention should be paid to the thickness of the terrace slab. If the railing is too thin, the lateral fixing of the railing may cause the concrete to delaminate, which may result in the fragments of the structure falling off.

This method consists in installing a special rail inside the terrace slab. It is filled with foamed polystyrene and a connector isolating the panel from the external wall of the building. Barriers are attached to the rail.

  • from the bottom - the railing is installed on the underside of the terrace slab. This is the best option, but it is not always chosen, especially in renovated buildings. It requires reinforcements to guarantee the stability of the railings.

Its main advantage is the low level of interference with the terrace structure. This option does not affect the moisture insulation layer.

What are the elements of a railing?

Each railing, regardless of which material it is made of, consists of three basic elements:

  • Posts - can be made of brick, stone or steel. They must be robust and durable. Also important is their installation, which includes appropriate anchoring of the posts to the steel anchors or posts released from the structural members of the terrace,
  • handrails - they not only provide additional protection, but also allow for comfortable use of the terrace. They can be made of wood, coated or powder coated steel or plastic.
  • In the case of these elements, we have many options to choose from. We can opt for spans on a steel frame or wooden frame, glass panels, full stone filling or made of forged cast iron elements. Everything depends on our preferences and the style of our home.

A drilling and screwdriver can be an extremely useful tool when mounting the railing. We will use it to connect the individual elements of the railing, making it solidly constructed. This will guarantee safety and comfort of using the terrace.

Which screwdriver will work best in this case? The device should be battery-operated so that you do not have to worry about the cable. Remember to charge the battery beforehand. What's more, it must have the power to do so.

It is also worth making sure that it is equipped with a stroke, especially if you intend to drill in hard materials such as concrete. Not without significance is also the weight of the drill/driver. In order for the work to go smoothly, we must be able to lift it.

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