Apartment located on the street, after which there is day and night traffic or noisy neighbors can make life miserable. Fortunately, there are many ways to soundproof the sounds reaching the inside, often at little cost and effort. Here are some of them.

Acoustic screens

Acoustic screens were created especially to provide peace of mind for the residents. They are therefore extremely effective at this. The screen is mounted on a special frame, attached to the wall. Most often it will be made of plasterboard, less often of lead and filled with mineral wool of various thicknesses. The disadvantage of acoustic screens is their high price and the fact that they take up a lot of space and do not look too decorative.

Wallpaper on the walls

Thicker wallpaper is a less expensive and definitely more decorative solution than an acoustic screen. Their texture is important - they should be as rough as possible. The ceiling can also be covered with wallpaper. Unfortunately, it is not worth counting on the effectiveness of this method if the noise level is high and the walls are thin. Wallpaper insulates quite poorly.

Silent living room

Door silencing

This is a slightly more complicated idea for a quiet room. First of all, make sure that the rubber bands sealing the door are tight and that the threshold reaches the door leaf. If these two conditions are met, the door should be quite tight - you can proceed with its further sealing. This is usually done by sticking a special sealing mat or upholstering it. The position of the mat requires sealing the joints with a spatula. On the other hand, upholstery also provides good thermal insulation.

Self-sealing the door with upholstery is a little more than 100 zlotys, slightly more expensive is the natural appeal to experts. Such a solution, however, has advantages - it is very effective, calms down unwanted voices to a large extent, at the same time slightly warming the interior. Silencing the door does not have to cost much, which is an additional advantage of this solution.

Decorative wall panels

Finally, the last, interesting idea to combine aesthetics with soundproofing is the use of decorative panels. Their installation is very easy, although the price can be high, especially in the case of plaster and wooden panels. Such decorative panels in 3D are thick enough to provide additional insulation to the room. The installation can be carried out by yourself, creating very interesting arrangements at the same time. It is worth looking at such panels, their types and materials.

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