As far as bedroom beds are concerned, the manufacturers offer us a few basic solutions that have been breaking the popularity records for years. You will surely find a place for them in our bedroom as well.

The right bed changes the attitude to life. A man rested differently approaches many difficult issues and everyday problems. We spend almost 1/3 of our lives in the bedroom. In addition to the quality of sleep, which is provided only by a comfortable bed, it is also important how we feel in the bedroom room, whether it is a friendly and relaxing place.

There is a bed in the center of each bedroom. We need him to rest. It is also one of the key decorative elements of the interior. When decorating a bedroom, there are two ways to go: try to match the bed type to the rest of the room or use it as a styling indicator for other accessories and accessories. Bedrooms made of wood and wrought iron are very popular. However, upholstered beds turned out to be an absolute hit of recent years.

Wooden classics always up to date

It is worth to reach for proven solutions - which undoubtedly are wooden furniture - to gain a guarantee of a sensational ratio of quality to price. Natural wood will serve us for decades. Not only does it never go out of fashion, but it also adds to its charm and unique atmosphere. The beds based on a wooden frame are very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. What is more, when ordering such a bed to measure, we have a decisive influence on the appearance and functionality of the furniture.

It is worth remembering that the type of material used determines the effect to a large extent. We all know that the different types of wood differ in grain and brightness. The most durable, and at the same time beautifully presented in virtually every styling, are the furniture made of oak and beech. Regardless of which type of wood you choose, you can be sure of the elegance and class that it brings to any interior.

Forged metal furniture - an original arrangement solution

This original type of furniture requires a suitable environment - it does not present itself equally lavishly in every arrangement. It works well in interiors with classic accessories. It is also beautifully complemented by loft apartments and those decorated in Scandinavian style. Everything depends on the styling of the target interior. Metal beds can overwhelm with their size and distinctive structure, so lighter structures are recommended for smaller rooms.

We should also bear in mind the price of furniture, which is significantly affected by the type of raw material. Beds with fancy wrought headrests or legs cost much more than their classic counterparts.

Absolutny MUST HAVE: fashionable and functional upholstered furniture

An absolute hit of the last few years. Made to order, they look exactly as the customer wishes. They are based on a frame covered with material, most often in the form of fabric, leather or ecoskin. The durability of the furniture is very high, while the degree of resistance to mechanical injuries and dirt depends mainly on the selected upholstery. Natural leather is highly durable, but not everyone likes this styling aesthetic. In addition, leather beds have their own limitations in terms of colour and texture, which cannot be said for ecological skin. In this case, we can request any color or pattern. The fabric upholstery can be very different, from suede to plush. The latter, however, tends to fade. It is worth noting that we use the bed every day and after a few years the upholstery may appear abrasive.

Upholstered beds are available in standard sizes: 160 × 200, 180 × 200, 200 × 200 (cm), but it is easy to find a manufacturer who makes them to measure. This allows us to order a piece of furniture matching the size of our bedroom. An equally wide range of choices applies to the shape of the furniture itself. Both oval and asymmetric are popular. When choosing an upholstered bed, you can freely choose the type of finish (e.g. smooth or quilted). The same applies to the headrest, whose choice depends mainly on our tastes. Remember that if you happen to work in bed, it is worth reaching for models with movable headrests, which will be friendly to our spine.

The choice of bedroom beds is very large. The quality of our sleep is determined not only by the durable construction and comfortable mattress, but also by the aesthetics of the furniture. We all know about this, that in a beautiful interior, with a carefully selected bed and other stylish additions, one sleeps much more pleasantly, especially if it is created according to our tastes.

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