Italian design is becoming more and more popular in Poland every year. Furniture from this country is increasingly associated with high quality of workmanship and rich design and decoration. Yes, it is! Italians, regardless of whether they create futuristic or baroque furniture, always focus on quality. Below we will introduce you, dear readers, a little bit of Italian style that you can introduce in your homes.

A unique arrangement maintained in a beautiful baroque style, characterized by splendor and rich design. It consists of high quality Italian furniture - stylized bedside tables and chests of drawers, beautifully decorated bed and slightly wavy curtains.

Furniture construction is patterned on lavish, court projects, where the dominant role is played by clearly marked ornaments with characteristic shapes. The main element of the arrangement is a night table in a distinct white color, which in the upper part turns into light brown wood. This contrasting effect works well with a white or creamy wall, for example.


  • High-quality, painted and properly protected wood
  • Rich decorations, perfectly matching the elegant room
  • Decorative curtains in dark brown colour
  • Comfortable, stylish bed with intriguing high head design

The interior decoration allows you to recreate the atmosphere of baroque splendour in the room and create a room in the style of e.g. elegant Italian bedrooms. This is an excellent idea for a custom home space or hotel room maintained in an unusual atmosphere.

Arrangement for the bedroom ALF is a minimalist project in which the main role is played by the combination of natural lighting and furniture colors. The subtle combination of colours results in a balanced end result - full of harmony and inner peace.

The central point of the arrangement is a modern bed with a characteristic, gentle line, in which the dominant role is played by subtle curves. The combination of elegant colouring and expressive design resulted in an impression of softness and encouraging comfort. Particular attention is paid to the ergonomic rounding in the place where the mattress frame is connected to the headboard.


  • Italian furniture in the best possible way - a comfortable bed and an elegant bedside table
  • Unusual, functional shelves, "hidden" in a wall made of board
  • Stylish carpet with a pleasant, light brown colour scheme
  • Quiet, classic curtains in white
  • Atmospheric accessories and accessories - night light, white picture frames

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