Racks are furniture that can be used to organize the space in the house. Depending on the model, the bookcase can be placed in a children's room, a youth room or a wardrobe. This type of furniture is also perfect for offices and libraries. The bookcase must not only be functional, but also match the decor. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best piece of furniture.

Shelf in the children's room

The children's room must have shelves and drawers. The ideal shelf should have both. Thanks to this, the child will have a lot of space not only for books, but also for various children's treasures. Very interesting are also shelves with drawers, shelves and a lockable cabinet at the top. Such a piece of furniture can also be used to store clothes or other things that need to be protected from dust.

Of course, the bookcase in the children's room should be secured against tipping over. This type of furniture is quite high, and open shelves can encourage toddlers to climb. It is therefore worth thinking about attaching the rack to the wall using special holders.

Wardrobe or library bookcase

For such interiors, you can choose shelves that contain only shelves that provide easy access to the items placed on them. We sell wide, powerful furniture, as well as narrow pillars or corners, so you can easily complete all the furniture in the room.

An elegant bookcase with drawers and a lockable upper part, where only a small space in the middle is open, will also prove its worth in an office or wardrobe. Another interesting solution, suitable for interiors with a minimalist design, is furniture with a completely closed, without open shelves. Closed bookcases are ideal for people who are allergic to dust. Individual furniture lines contain different types of shelves, e.g. low and high, open and closed, so that the impressive interior design is not difficult to achieve.

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