A biofuel-fired fireplace is an ideal option for people who dream of resting in a radiant heat of fire, but do not have a smoke duct in their apartment.

The bio-fireplace is a modern version of the traditional fireplace, it warms up, but does not emit smoke, and is a decoration of the living room.

What are the pros and cons of having this device and is it worth buying it?

Environmentally friendly fireplace

The bio-fireplace is mobile, does not require connection to a flue pipe, we can install it on the wall or in any other place convenient for us. The device is safe for health, does not emit harmful substances. An ecological fireplace is fired with bioethanol, which does not emit smell, smoke, ash or soot, so it does not require frequent cleaning. Biofuel occurs in liquid or gel form, replacing wood used in classical fireplaces. Water vapour emitted in the process of bioethanol combustion may additionally improve the air humidity in our room.

The issue of heating with a bio-fireplace

The bio-fireplace looks very impressive at work, it is one of its biggest advantages, certainly makes the time of relaxation more pleasant. Even a device with a low heat output emits some heat, but this should not be regarded as a heating source.

The biggest advantage of a bio-fireplace is

its decorative function and it will be a good purchase for people who are mainly guided by aesthetic considerations. The variety of patterns and colours available on the market makes it possible to match an ecological fireplace to any interior. In addition, the appliance does not require chimney installation, is easy to install and does not harm your health.

Bio fireplace is a perfect solution for flat owners who cannot afford to buy a traditional fireplace stove.

Is the fireplace safe?

As the manufacturers of bio-fireplaces emphasize, these devices are not harmful to health.

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