Has the terrace been an idyllic dream for a long time? It's time to change it! If you don't know where to start and how to plan the construction of your dream corner, stay with us. We will learn how to choose the terrace surface and where it should be located. We will also think about which boards to choose and where we will have the most pleasant barbecue. Let's do it, then!

How to choose the best terrace surface?

When choosing a terrace surface, it is advisable to consult our proven guides. We have to decide not only whether to choose a wooden or composite terrace. Other issues are also worthy of attention, namely whether it might be better to have a terrace grid than planks. But if you decide to opt for boards, will the better ones be smooth or grooved? Let's start with the fact that composite and wooden boards should not be treated as a competition. Each solution has its own followers and each one is perfect as a terrace surface. In addition to individual preferences, financial aspects often determine the choice. We can have a slightly bigger dilemma when we think about which surface of terrace boards to choose: smooth or grooved. Recently, more and more people have been reaching for grooved boards, which are really a good choice. They have been developed with external surfaces in mind. The main function of the grooves is to drain rainwater and melt water from the terrace more quickly. This also makes the terrace surface more secure, making it harder to slip on the grooved surface. Non-textured terrace boards are chosen primarily for aesthetic reasons. The natural properties of wood are beautifully presented on them. They also have utility advantages - they are much easier to clean and maintain than corrugated boards. An interesting alternative to the boards themselves can also be a terrace grid, which can be laid out on a home terrace. It is as easy to install as it is to dismantle. So we see that there are many possibilities, and to create a dream terrace you simply have to choose the right materials.

How should the terrace be located?

The location of the terrace is primarily a matter of our liking. If you decide on a terrace in the south, north, west or east, you should know what this entails. The most universal is the terrace facing south, which at any time of the day will be well sunny. In order to ensure a bit of shade, it is worth to think about a partial or complete roofing of such a corner. Those who like sunsets and long evenings can opt for a sunset terrace. Due to the fact that in Poland often blow strong winds from the west, it is worthwhile to surround it with a balustrade. The good side of the east facing terrace is the surprisingly warm autumn and winter mornings. It can also be a great place for a summer dining room, where we will never be too hot. Then it is worthwhile to arrange a terrace directly next to the kitchen. We still have midnight left - a good choice for those who like to rest in the shade or work on the terrace. When the light is diffused and does not fall directly, you can write, read or draw comfortably. Ideal place especially for home workers. We can see, therefore, that the choice of the side on which the terrace will be located depends mainly on our preferences and the way we spend our free time.

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