In some buildings, the dimensions of the door opening are not standard - in this case, a problem may arise when replacing the door opening. Is it better to opt for a customised exterior door or to change the dimensions of the door opening?

According to the law, the entrance door to the building should be at least 90 centimetres wide and 2 metres high. If there is a double leaf door in a building, the width of the main leaf should not be less than 90 centimetres. At the same time, the height of the thresholds should not be higher than 2 centimetres.

That's what the rules say about it. In practice, we encounter doors not only 90 centimetres wide, but also many others, for example with a leaf width of 120-140 centimetres. In most new buildings we can find doors of quite uniform dimensions, such as 90 centimetres, 100 centimetres or 120 centimetres. Such models can be found in manufacturers' catalogues. It happens, however, that we are not able to choose them individually to the dimensions of the door opening. What should be done then?

The best solution will be tailor-made exterior doors - they will be made according to the specific size of the door opening, so they will be perfectly matched. Currently, many companies that meet the expectations of their customers and have for them many interesting models to choose from, which can be modified in terms of size, are engaged in the manufacture of such doors. What's more, we can then order a door completely tailored to our needs - in a specific size, colour, finish.

The second option is to change the dimensions of the door opening. It requires more work, which also involves additional costs, so it is worth counting whether it will be profitable or not. Generally, the costs of ordering a door to size and changes in door opening dimensions are similar, and often even doors to size come out cheaper. Therefore, it is worthwhile to get acquainted at the beginning with the offers of companies that manufacture exterior doors to measure - their addresses can be found now on the Internet.

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