Oak as a tree considered as a symbol of strength, power and wisdom is associated with reliability and longevity. In Poland there are only six out of about two hundred varieties of oak, but as far as the use of wood is concerned, it is obtained from only three types of wood: peduncle, sessile and red.

Dębina is an extremely durable species - thanks to its resistance to loads, scratches, abrasion and many other external factors, it is one of the most frequently used raw materials in the production of high quality furniture. The bright and warm colour of oak wood and its natural grain perfectly match the current trends in interior design - both Scandinavian, industrial and even rustic.

Oak table - not only a four-legged table top

The table in the Polish tradition has a great symbolic meaning and is considered to be one of the most important furniture in the house. It is around the table that life is going on, so it is important to make it not only in terms of arrangement, but also in terms of use. Whether you choose solid oak wood or veneer (veneer made of thin sheets of wood), we can be sure that such a piece of furniture will serve you for many years.

The choice of size and shape of the table should be dictated by the space in which we intend to place it - it should not be too small or too big, and it should be easily accessible from all sides. The charm of modern furniture is based on simplicity, and the minimalism and treatments dominating in today's projects, such as combining wood with steel, make it possible for us to match them to any arrangement.

How to take care of an oak table?

Oak furniture is easy to care for, especially if it is factory-protected. However, it is worth remembering, especially in the case of a table, that the table top should not be exposed to excessive wetness, humidity and high temperatures - wooden furniture usually does not like contact with these factors, but oak wood is still considered to be the most resistant to their effects. However, in the case of daily maintenance, it is advisable to dispense with detergents and use a damp cloth for wiping. Considering the fact that investment in oak furniture is a considerable expense, it is also good to take care of their proper maintenance in order to maximize their durability, so that they will please our eyes and fulfill their utility function as long as possible.

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