Own garden is a dream of many people. Relax in the greenery, silence, beautiful flowering flowers or fresh herbs.... Unfortunately, not everyone has the possibility to have such a place of ownership. Living in a block of flats it is difficult to surround oneself with greenery, and a garden plot at some distance from the apartment does not always solve the problem.

The obstacles are the lack of time, the long distance to cover... Does this mean that people living in a block of flats cannot have their own small garden? Of course they can. How to arrange a balcony in a block of flats to become a private garden?

Plants for sun and shade

The first step will of course be the choice of plants. If you have an eastern or southern balcony, you have a lot more room to show off here, because there are many more sun-loving plants than the shadowy ones. However, even the northern and western balconies will find something.

Flowers and ornamental plants

The barrier, covered with a hanging cascade of flowering flowers, looks beautiful and at the same time cuts off people sitting on the balcony from the outside world. The sunny balcony is primarily geraniums, petunias, verbena and begonias. Flowers planted in hanging pots look beautiful.

In turn the sunless balcony is a beautiful impatient and wolves, periwinkles, and also non-flowering plants, with ornamental leaves, such as ivy.

Balcony decoration

Herbs and edible plants

What about people who dream of a herbarium on the balcony? On the southern side it can be successfully arranged - basil, oregano, rosemary will grow. It's worth protecting them from the sun. And are there herbs that grow in the shadows? Mint, lovage, sage and bear garlic... the choice is, contrary to appearances, a big one.

When there aren't many places

How do you arrange a small balcony in a block of flats? It is also possible to compose your own garden with many beautiful, impressive plants and climatic lighting. However, one has to take into account spatial limitations. Small balconies are very cozy, it is not difficult to create the atmosphere of a mysterious garden. If you don't have enough room for a sitting chair, you can put on nicely painted garden pallets with pillows, mount solar lights on the railing instead of placing them on the floor, and limit hanging pots to one in the corner.

A separate challenge like a narrow balcony. How to arrange a narrow balcony in a block of flats to find a place to relax? It's a good idea to divide it into zones. Trying to place chairs or a table in a cosy "corner" on a narrow balcony can create an unpleasant "waiting room" effect. A half balcony intended for a seating area (for example, with the pallets already mentioned above if there is no room for chairs), a half for a garden or a herbarium will eliminate the effect of a narrow, tight room so incompatible with a place of relaxation and rest.

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