In this article we will discuss issues related to interior decoration, or more specifically, wall decoration. There will be no graphics, photos or posters. We will try to find a much more interesting form of wall decoration than the aforementioned decorations. There are a few suggestions that may be less popular, but it does not mean that they will be a memorable discovery. You couldn't even imagine the power of some of these proposals.

Wooden wall decoration panels

This is the first alternative that is our proposal. It can be found in many interior design magazines and websites. Despite the fact that you have probably clashed with them in salons many times, they are not innovative and expensive. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to them. They can create complementary panels that will allow you to create an interesting composition and attract attention with their simplicity. Of course, these can also be forms of traditional painting. It all depends on your preferences and preferences and of course on your cash resources.


That's another suggestion. Particularly elegant are those that are stylized on old maps. They add charm and character to the room. This is a great proposition for fans of vintage style. It is worth noting, however, that also in other types of rooms may blend beautifully and elegantly. It all depends on which copy we choose.

Wall clock


It's a decoration element that's been known for centuries. In many interior design magazines you can see a trend towards promoting this type of accessories. However, it is worth choosing a clock adapted to your needs and preferences. Both modern and old clocks are fashionable. You can also consider the option to hang several clocks instead of images. Each one of them can show the time of a different country.

3D wall decals for decorative wall decals

3D stickers are a novelty on the interior design market. They are usually used in children's rooms, but it is worth remembering that this is not a proposal only for such a room. Such stickers may have interesting motifs, which will perfectly fit into the character of our interior. You can also use the motifs of the subtitles and other interesting things that can be found on them.

Decorative plates

This motif is associated with the times of the People's Republic of Poland. On the wall you can place plates in different colors and decorations or plates in white and black to add a room of chic. This is a renewal of a proposal that entered the market a few years ago. In this way, the individual elements of the tableware can be displayed. This is a great proposition for collectors and fans of the People's Republic of Poland.

Wall lamps and wall lamps

Lighting is very important. It not only gives light, but also brings a nice atmosphere to the room. Wall lamps and lamps can have a decorative function due to their interesting forms and shapes.

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