Light gives interiors a unique character. It depends on its distribution and quality depends on the mood, comfort and ability to regenerate the body after a hard day. With the help of appropriately selected light zones and lamps, you can create a unique atmosphere in your home. So we'll tell you where best to look for lighting and how to choose it to meet all your requirements.

Why is lighting so important?

In latitudes, where winter lasts for several months, the choice of appropriate lighting is not only important for interior design, but also for well-being and comfort. When it's dark outside and sun rarely shines through the clouds during the day, there's a natural need for room lighting. This is crucial for the mood, but also for the quality of the work, as tired eyesight makes us less productive. On the other hand, too bright light can make it harder to relax and calm down. What is more, with the help of lamps it is possible to make the interior optically enlarged and its decorative details exposed. There is no doubt that planning light points in the house is one of the most important stages of renovation or arrangement.

Work and relaxation areas

Before choosing lamps and wall lamps, care must be taken to ensure that the lighting zones in the apartment are arranged. In each room, they should designate a different destination. So, in the kitchen, you should adequately lighten worktops, peninsulas or islands, the surface under the cabinets and the table. In turn, in the living room, in addition to general lighting, the mood is also selected, which is placed near the sofa and armchairs, where in the evening you can relax in peace, read a book or watch a movie. This role can be performed by decorative table lamps or sconces with delicate light intensity. The lighting of the bedroom is also important. The most common choice is a decorative chandelier or light points, recessed in the suspended ceiling, and bedside lamps are placed on the bedside cabinets, which give the interior a cozy character. Other variants are also possible, e.g. with LED strips installed behind the headrest or elegant standing lamps. The possibilities are practically limitless, so first of all, it is worth to think carefully about the effect you want to achieve.

Industrial, rustic or classic?

Lofty style interiors will have different lamps than classic or modern ones. Remember that lighting can be a complement to an arrangement or even play the first violin in it. The long, decorative chandelier in the spacious living room will be the main point. It should therefore be placed above a table or coffee table. Not without significance is also the color of the lighting fixtures - decorative, e.g. copper or chrome, together with accessories in the same color will form a coherent and impressive whole. The location of light points is also important. Small rooms can be enlarged by using them if they are adequately illuminated by e.g. wall lamps. In the case of smaller interiors, it is also worth choosing light, openwork lampshades and light-coloured light bulbs.

LED bulbs or halogen bulbs?

It is their power and color that will largely determine the effect we get from lighting. One of the most modern technologies are LED bulbs, which are characterized by high energy efficiency, durability and bright rays of light. Nowadays, their price is much more affordable than it was a few years ago, so the purchase can be treated as an investment that will pay off quickly in the electricity bills. Solar lamps, which can be successfully used as outdoor lighting, are even cheaper to use. The only thing you need to light them up is solar energy. In the case of outdoor lighting, it is also worth considering lamps with motion sensors, which will make it easier to open doors in the evening or illuminate the way to the garden without the need to use switches.

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