Intelligent lighting controlled by a mobile phone slowly becomes a reality and more and more boldly enters Polish homes. Manufacturers surprise their customers not only with comprehensive home appliances management systems, but also with innovative light bulbs equipped with a Bluetooth module. Do such solutions have a chance to be accepted in our homes?

How do intelligent lighting management systems work?

Modern technology is developing very dynamically and definitely makes our lives easier. More and more customers are interested in remote lighting control systems, which allow you to not only turn on the lamps with a special remote control, but also to program them to start at a specific time or when they sense a reduced intensity of light. The solutions available on the market operate on the basis of special modules - Wi-Fi receivers, which allow you to turn on and off lamps and electrical devices via a mobile device - tablet or mobile phone equipped with Internet access. Modules can be mounted in installation boxes or luminaires - it all depends on the possibilities and needs of the users. The individual receivers are connected to each other via a wireless network.

Comfort and safety - advantages of lighting control systems

How do I get maximum comfort? With solutions that allow you to remotely switch on home lamps, we do not need to get up from the couch to change the intensity of lighting or completely turn them off. But that's not all - lighting management applications can also affect the security of your entire home. If you're away for longer, and you're worried about what's left of your property in the apartment, there's also a solution - an appropriate monitoring system will allow you to keep track of what's going on in the house, and a lighting management system will turn on the lights in the rooms, creating the illusion that the residents are inside and scare off a potential thief.

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